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Welcome AViAtors

Welcome to AViAtor Airlines

This is your captain speaking. The fact that you are reading this means you are part of a maiden voyage that we are on together. This year, the field of education may be the ultimate example of “building the plane as we are flying it” but I know our trip together is going to be AMAZING. Amazing because of our phenomenal, dedicated, and innovative AVA staff and amazing because of YOU. The support, gratitude and passion during this difficult time that we have felt from our parents and students has been extraordinary. While we don’t know what the world holds for us right now, your commitment to the AVA program will hopefully give you and your family peace of mind. Additionally, I can promise a journey where I will work tirelessly to make everything as full of joy as possible. Despite some turbulence and potentially a shaky take-off, I assure you I will be there alongside all of you with a drink cart and some pretzels. There will be more information to come soon, but I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and begin the boarding of our flight.

A Little About Me

My name is Renée Fitzsimmons and I will be your AVA principal on this journey. You may know me as the Director of Innovation for the district, but you may also remember that I began my journey at Cherokee in 2015 as the Inquiry Science Specialist. Your children may know me as the Olympic Chairwoman, EP, an earthquake victim, a thought partner for their teachers or simply a classroom visitor. I am proud to say that I have been a part of all of the innovative curriculum work over the last 5 years in District 67, primarily in our engaging science and social studies inquiry units. I have my Masters degree in Education and also in Educational Leadership from National-Louis University and I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree from Western Illinois University. I have been a passionate educator since 1997 while taking a small hiatus for nine years to raise my own girls, Hailey and Riley, as well as to help with medical education for a family biotech business. This experience gave me insight into the importance for creating authentic learning experiences and the application of knowledge for our most beloved commodity...our children. I carry this passion and belief into every second of my work. I am your neighbor to the south in the New Trier district and I love gardening, being outside, fitness and incredibly aromatic cheese. I am committed to ensuring your families and your children have the most meaningful and exciting experience together this year. Never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, feedback or even just a little hello text! My cell phone number is 847.721.8376.

AVA Town Hall Meetings

Please use the links below to access the recordings of our September 9, 2020 Town Hall meeting.

Grades K-4

Grades 5-8