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While the summer months are a wonderful opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, the break from the rigors of school can cause a lag in learning. Research demonstrates that students must read at least three challenging books during the summer break simply to maintain fluency and comprehension skills; a minimum of five such books is necessary to improve on any reading weaknesses. In addition, our goal is to foster and encourage a lifelong habit of reading - for pleasure as well as knowledge - in our students.

We have developed summer reading tasks with this in mind. This year, the requirements for each grade level are listed online at DPM Summer Reads. Our hope is that when students are selecting their novels they will choose ones that truly interest them. If your child is unsure about what to read, links to suggested titles are located within the website.

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Please use this link for additional information or visit the Registration Page. We encourage families to complete online registration as soon as possible. Completing your online registration and fee payment by the Wednesday, June 22, 2022 deadline will save families $25 in registration costs per student.

Looking for school supplies, health forms, or information about the Champions After-school program? You can also find this info. on the Registration Page!

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D67 Summer Offerings for the summer of 2022 will include both Extended School Year (ESY) and Core Instruction classes. Core Instruction is open to all District 67 students. ESY is open to District 67 students who are eligible to receive support through their District 67 IEP Services. Summer offerings this year will be delivered fully in person at Everett Elementary School and will consist of two sessions: June and August.

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