About Us

Welcome to Deer Path Middle School!

Our school is not only focused on the pillars of academic success, but also the emotional wellness of each child. With this, Deer Path offers an array of extra-curricular programs such as interscholastic athletics, robotics, debate, yearbook, digital arts, student leadership and many more. We believe creating opportunities beyond the classroom will assist in finding the thirst for knowledge and opening doors to opportunity both socially and intellectually.

As leaders, one of our responsibilities is to encourage teachers to innovate new practices that engage our students and help them connect what they learn in the classroom to the world beyond.  This begins at the level of administration. Our focus is on skills that will prepare students for our ever-changing global economy. We believe that skills and knowledge should not be separate in planning daily lessons. Our faculty strives to deliberately infuse these skills into the daily curriculum while creating a student-centered classroom.

Furthermore, Deer Path and District 67 have a very supportive and collaborative partnership with our parents, and parent organizations; the DPM APT, and the Spirit of 67 Foundation. With this, we can truthfully say that that we have a community who comes together often for the benefit of our students.

Lastly, and this goes without saying, we have amazing students here at DPM. It is a privilege to work with students who inspire us every day through their selflessness, hard work, tenacity, intellect, and desire to learn.

Bell Schedule

Deer Path Middle School Bell Schedule

Late Start Schedule

DPM Late Start Schedule

DPM Principal

DPM Principal Thomas Herion

Mr. Thomas Herion



95 W. Deerpath
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Associate Principals

Mrs. Megan Eigenrauch

Mr. Sam Paulsen

Deans of Culture

Mr. Ben Neidich - 5/6

Mr. Robert Wegley - 7/8

East Office (Grades 5/6)

Office Hrs: 7:30am-4:00pm

School Nurse:
Linda Raye,  BSN, RN, CPN

West Office (Grades 7/8)

Office Hrs: 7:30am - 4:00pm

School Nurse:
Heather Egenthal, RN
847- 604-7431