"...a library is more than a collection of dusty old books. It is a place to learn, explore, and grow!”ESCAPE FROM MR. LEMONCELLO’S LIBRARY

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Lake Forest District 67

Library Mission

We believe a school library is a dynamic extension of the classroom that provides students and staff with resources -- expertise, print and electronic materials, technology, and space -- to collaborate, explore, and create. Staffed by certified teachers and support personnel, the K-8 library program realizes this mission through:

  • A collection of diverse materials and resources that meets the needs and interests of our students

  • Student-directed learning based on passions and interests

  • Growth through inquiry based instruction and innovative thinking

  • Inspiring a love of reading for enjoyment and personal growth

  • Collaboration as instructional partners in the development and implementation of lessons that build upon and enhance the curriculum

  • Instruction of students and staff in the independent and responsible use of information in both print and digital formats

  • The creation of a space for staff and students that is dynamic, flexible, and not limited by schedules


summer reading information

While the summer months are a wonderful opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, the break from the rigors of school can cause a lag in learning. Research demonstrates that students must read at least three challenging books during the summer break simply to maintain fluency and comprehension skills; a minimum of five such books is necessary to improve on any reading weaknesses. In addition, our goal is to foster and encourage a lifelong habit of reading - for pleasure as well as knowledge - in our students.

We have developed summer reading tasks with this in mind. This year, the requirements for each grade level are listed online at DPM Summer Reads. Our hope is that when students are selecting their novels they will choose ones that truly interest them. If your child is unsure about what to read, links to suggested titles are located within the website.


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