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National Nutrition Month

District 67 APT with the help of Quest, our food service provider, are celebrating National Nutrition Month. The theme, 'Go Further With Food' focus' on reducing food loss by thinking of creative ways to utilize your foods.

So in March, at lunchtime, we will have some fun samples for your child. They will have the opportunity to try Food Infused Waters and the actual fruits & veggies used!

  • Executive Board Vice President - Mary Kay Hanlon
  • Executive Board Recording Secretary - Monica Yaun
  • Cherokee School APT President - Carolyn Hutchinson
  • Sheridan School APT President - Lindsay Nero

Voting on this slate of candidates is open to all District 67 APT members and will take place at the APT's Annual Meeting.

All District 67 parents and community members are invited to attend our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, March 14 from 9-11 a.m. at CROYA (located in the Lake Forest Recreation Center.)

For further information on the slated candidates as well as a listing of members of the APT Nominating Committee, please visit the APT Executive Board website.

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