Leading Edge Learning

Lake Forest High School is excited to announce that each LFHS student will receive a Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Yoga Chromebook for use as a regular part of their learning experience. With the power of the web at our fingertips, LFHS students will have the tools and resources they need to define the leading edge of 21st century learning.

Leading Edge Learning will prepare Lake Forest High School students for a global, digital world where they will be expected to use information and technology to create, examine, explore, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems. We will leverage mobile computing to catalyze student learning in the following ways:

  • Critical Thinking - Empowering students to analyze, evaluate, and create within a global marketplace of high and low quality information
  • Communication - Enabling students to master the art of managing and responding to the continual flow of information in a data-rich learning environment
  • Collaboration - Providing students with a range of tools for making substantial and meaningful contributions on projects with collaborators around the corner and around the world.
  • Creativity - Cultivating a learning environment for students to choose from a variety of tools, methods, and procedures for innovation and problem-solving