District Quick Facts 2017-2018

  • Established 1935
  • Type Public secondary
  • Grades 9-12
  • School Lake Forest High School
  • School Profile


    Adopted June 24, 2014

    "Developing compassionate, confident,and accomplished students"

    District 115 Board of Education

    The data on this page reflects information from the 2016/17 school year and the class of 2017.

    School and Community

    Lake Forest High School serves the communities of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and the unincorporated areas of Arden Shores North, Arden Shores South, Knollwood and Shores Acres abutting Lake Bluff—and takes pride in developing compassionate, confident and accomplished students. LFHS faculty and staff are committed to student growth with dedicated adults who respect and value the individual. Students are guided by talented professionals who are passionate about their work of providing academic excellence for all learners.

    A rigorous curriculum is supported by innovative ways of learning and state-of-the-art facilities. Students are encouraged to take risks, and explore new ideas knowing that they will be supported throughout their educational journey. In addition to comprehensive academic choices, Lake Forest High School students grow through participation in clubs, music programs, team and intermural sports, and community service programs that help build character, and strengthen collaboration and communication skills. Lake Forest High School offers a well rounded school experience while being mindful of each student’s social emotional growth allowing students to be their best self as they move forward with the tools for life-long success.

    School Statistics

    School Statistics
      • Total Enrollment 1628
      • Seniors 416
      • Certified Staff FTE 161
      • Certified Staff-Student Ratio 10.4
      • Faculty holding a Master’s Degree or beyond 145
      • School Year Semesters 2
      • Per Pupil Expenditure $23,672.00
      • Courses in Curriculum 275

        Distribution of Graduates

        Distribution of Graduates: Class of 2017

        • Number of Graduates 427
        • Enrolled in 4 year college 91% Enrolled in 2 year college 7%
        • Undecided 5%
        • Military .5%
        • Other ( travel, work, gap year) 1%

        Geographic Distribution

        • Geographic Distribution
        • Illinois Colleges 24%
        • Midwestern Colleges 55%
        • Northeastern Colleges 11%
        • Southern Colleges 15%
        • Western Colleges 18%
        • International 1%



        AP Scholars
        International Diploma 1
        National Scholars 35
        Scholars with Distinction 135
        Scholars with Honor 56
        Scholars 77

        National Merit Scholars
        National Merit Scholarship Winner 1
        National Merit Finalists 4
        National Merit Semifinalists 5
        National Merit Commended 17

        Illinois State Scholars 138

        The Curriculum

        Lake Forest High School offers a strong, yet diverse college preparatory program. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are provided in most curricular areas in addition to quality enhanced courses in fine and applied arts and fifth year world language courses. Extensive offerings in music and performing arts enrich educational opportunities. The elective curriculum also includes vocational courses using state of the art technology and a continuum of multi-layer supports.

        Please note a change in the course titles beginning with the 2015-16 school year. In the past, some courses were designated with a “CP” indicating a “College Prep” course. The “CP” label has been removed to aptly reflect the rigorous nature of all the coursework at Lake Forest High School. Our curriculum successfully prepares students for college as evi-denced by 98% of our student body which are college bound.

        Designation of Courses

        Designation of Courses:

        Advanced Placement: 31 courses offered
        College level courses which adhere to the nationally stand-ardized syllabi as proposed by the College Entrance Exami-nation Board. AP courses represent the highest level of per-formance within a specified area.

        Reflect courses which provide enriched and/or accelerated curriculum requiring students to possess analytical thinking skills.

        Individual Placement:
        Individualized placement into a pre-existing course for which course expectations have been modified to meet student’s educational needs.

        Graduation Requirements

        Graduation Requirements

        Class of 2011 and subsequent graduates
        Nineteen units of credit as follows:
        English 4 units
        Mathematics 3 units
        Science 2 units
        Social Studies 2 units
        U.S. History, Global Studies, Social Science
        Wellness 1 unit
        Each student is required to enroll in Wellness every semester that they are enrolled at LFHS
        Electives 1 unit
        May be completed through study of: Applied Technology,
        Art, Business, Computer Science, Music, New Media.
        Competency Requirements:
        United States & Illinois Constitution
        Consumer Education
        Health Education

        Class Rank
        In accordance with board policy, Lake Forest High School does not rank students.

        Grade Distribution Range
        Highest for Class of 2017: 5.7
        Lowest GPA for Class of 2017: 1.5

        Standardized Testing

        ACT------ -------LFHS ----------National
        English -- ------- 26.6 -------------20.3
        Math -------------25.6 --------------20.7
        Reading --------- 26.9 -------------21.4
        Science ----------25.5 -------------21
        Composite ------26.3 -------------21

        SAT ------------- LFHS ---------State ---------National
        Evidence Based
        Reading & Writing 658------------ 556 ------------538
        Math -----------------670 -------------554------------ 533
        Total Score --------1324 ---------- 1110-----------1070

        660 Students took 1, 390 Advanced Placement Exams in
        31 subjects.
        1.390 Total AP Exams
        90.6% received a score of 3 or better
        32.2% received scores of 5
        31.1% received scores of 4
        27.2% received scores of 3
        AP Courses Offered 31
        Subject Tests Offered 31


        Abeunt Studia in Mores, inscribed in stone over the main entrance, is the Lake Forest High School motto. Literally translated from the Latin it would read: Abeunt (“they leave” or “they go away from”), Studia (“eagerness, fondness, desire, striving after, devotion to, or “zeal”), in (“in” or “into”) and Mores (“morality, philosophy,” or “ethics”). Hence, it could be translated to read:

        “They leave, striving after morality.”

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