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Remote Learning Updates

What is Remote Learning at LFHS?

The definition of Remote Learning (e-Learning) is "learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom." In this situation, we will be providing activities, information and resources remotely for our LFHS students in order to ensure learning continues. This process is new for everyone and the goal is to keep learning moving forward for students over an extended period of remote learning, while trying to ensure that the daily demands for students, teachers and families are manageable.   

Please remember to be flexible. Teachers will be flexible in terms of student technical difficulties and deadlines, especially for graded assignments. Students will need to be flexible in terms of technical difficulties and teacher response times. We ask parents to be patient with both students and teachers as we navigate this system. 

Remote Learning Schedule - Beginning Monday, March 30

Revised Remote Learning Schedule Beginning Monday, March 30th

To assist our students and staff with the management of teaching and learning, we will follow the hybrid schedule (above). In order to fulfill the new ISBE guidelines, teachers are adjusting the amount of time students are expected to engage in daily learning in each class. We will now move forward with no more than 60 minutes per class, on Blue and Gold Days. This is a change from what was communicated on March 20th. On Scout Days, students should expect to engage in no more than 40 minutes per class on Mondays.

Daily Expectations

  • Your teachers will continue to have assignments posted by 8:00am each day.
  • Class engagement begins at 8:15am on Mondays.
  • Class engagement begins at 9:00am on Tuesday - Friday.
  • You will be expected to complete your daily engagement assignments by 4:00pm (change from 3:00pm).

Upcoming Remote Learning Planning Days, Emergency Day, and Holiday

Schedule for Recap Week

Remote Learing (e-Learning) Communications