New Media

New Media (formerly Telecom) offers students the opportunity to produce meaningful media by learning and practicing the professional video storytelling process.

Students learn right away through a hands-on progression that builds confidence and mastery of communicating through video, audio, and special effects. All elements of the visual storytelling process are studied, practiced, and critiqued within a relevant, project-based curriculum. Pre-production ideation helps students produce storylines that engage and evoke emotion from viewers. Production is learned through relevant professional equipment and practiced in a studio with two Green Screen sets and state of the art LED lighting. Post Production is taught through industry leading software from Apple and Adobe. Students learn to utilize these professional tools with the help of advanced students who serve as teaching assistants, and engaging, relevant and customizable projects that challenge the individual student based on their prior knowledge and experience.

Video by student Lauren Fabbri

Lauren shares her powerful family story of how Covid has pulled them apart but ultimately drawn them together @lauren.fabbri

Students learn through a hands-on process where students build confidence and find their voice through video, audio, and visual effects. All elements of the visual storytelling process are studied, practiced and critiqued within a relevant project based curriculum. Pre-production planning and organization is taught by producing stories to engage and evoke emotion from viewers. We replicate the professional visual storytelling process through tapeless HD cameras, professional microphones and Green Screen. Our students develop stories through the use of leading industry software including Final Cut Pro Studio and the Adobe Creative Suite. These professional tools are taught through the help of TAs, video tutorials, and fun, relevant projects completed during class time.