Special Education

The Special Education Department supports each student’s efforts to become a self-advocating, self-directed, strategic learner by providing a supportive environment. Students are assisted in reaching academic, social, and emotional goals through services provided both inside and outside of the classroom.

Eligibility for special education is determined by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals including the student, parents, and staff. The identification, placement, and provision of special education programs and services are governed by both state and federal regulations. Each eligible student has a written Individualized Education Program (IEP) that specifies annual goals, short-term objectives, desired post-high school outcomes, and instructional and related services. Any parent, staff member, or student may request a referral to identify potential eligibility for special education. Requests should be directed to the student’s counselor.

On the ISBE website under Special Education (Information for Parents and Guardians), you can access the "Guía para padres," otherwise known as "Derechos y responsabilidades educacionales: entendiendo la educación especial en Illinois."