World Language

“In today’s global community, competence in more than one language is an essential part of communication and cultural understanding. Study of another language not only provides individuals with the ability to express thoughts and ideas for their own purposes but also provides them with access to perspectives and knowledge that is only available through the language and culture. The proficiencies acquired through the study of languages and literatures endow language learners with cognitive, analytical, and communication skills that carry over into many other areas of their academic studies.” - College Board.

Summer Assignments 2019

AP Chinese Summer Assignment 2019


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The Department of World Language recognizes that the United States of America is part of the international community of nations. To coexist in harmony and in a way that promotes global economic well being, we must all be able to communicate with each other and to understand one another on an ongoing basis, which requires an understanding of and an appreciation for other cultures. To this end, the World Language faculty is dedicated to helping students gain proficiency in both the written and the spoken (when applicable) language and become aware and tolerant of cultural differences.

China Exchange program 2019-2020

Learn more about the China Exchange program 2019-2020 by watching these videos made by a former participant!