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Undesignated Epis - Parent Information

Epinephrine Injectors:Does your child have a potentially life threatening allergy? If so, it is important that you read this notice.

The Illinois Emergency Epinephrine Act, PA97-0361, allows schools to maintain a supply of epinephrine auto-injectors. The supply is intended to benefit children who don't know they have an allergy (i.e., for first time occurrences). For students with a known allergy that may require the rapid use of epinephrine, parents need to supply the school with an up-to-date injector.

Statistics indicate that up to 6% of school age children have known, serious allergies (especially to certain foods). This equates to roughly 100 students in District 115.

We are allotted a very limited supply of injectors and when the school supply is exhausted, we cannot obtain additional Epis through the manufacturers until the following school year.

We need to reserve use of the school's supply for students who do not have a prescription because they are unaware of the allergy. Please partner with us in keeping all of our students as safe as possible. Send your child's emergency medication, along with proper documentation, to school. To access the allergy medication form