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2nd Semester Final Exam Schedule Announced!
2nd Semester Final Exam Schedule Announced!


Second Semester Final Exam Information

General Expectations

  • All students are required to attend class during their scheduled class period and are expected to remain in the class for the duration of the exam time.
  • Students are not required to attend school during study halls.
  • Make-up exams should be dropped off to Mrs. Marsha Baldacci in the Main Office. Make-up exams will be proctored on Thursday and Friday in the Library Classrooms by support staff.

Three Exams

  • We have tried to balance the exam schedule. In the case that a student has three exams scheduled on a single day and it has been identified as a concern, the student may reach out to the teacher(s) two weeks before the exam to make arrangements to reschedule an exam. This is an agreement between the student and the teacher(s).

Extended Time Accommodations

  • In the case that a student needs more than 30 minutes (50 min. max) to finish the exams in the Library Classrooms, the student will be able to stay and complete the exam.
  • In the case that a student misses the next exam, due to extended time accommodations, the student will make up the exam by the end of the day or as arranged by the case manager.

Quiet Study

  • Students may engage in quiet study and exam preparation in our Peer Tutoring Center (2nd Floor Library), the Humanities Resource Center (Publick Room), or the Library.

Student Transportation

  • Buses will be available for students immediately after school, Tuesday – Thursday. We will provide more information about transportation at a later date.