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BrightArrow Attendance Alert
Dear LFHS Families:
We hope that your students are settling into their high school routines and enjoying the many classes, activities, events, and sports that fulfill our days at Lake Forest High School. In accordance with LFHS attendance procedures, parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the school when their student will be absent. Such notification should occur the day of the absence. That said, life sometimes gets in the way and the notification is forgotten. In efforts to capture accurate daily attendance and to help increase more prompt communication, we would like to introduce a messaging system that will begin on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. 
Each school day, if your student is marked absent in one or more classes and the absence is not excused, an automated message will be sent to you via email and text at 6:00p.m. from our Bright Arrow notification system.  The primary contact information you provided the school when you registered your student is already in the system. You may verify or add additional methods for communication by clicking on the link below to manage your account. Please note, this is the same notification system that is used for our emergency alerts. 
If you receive notification of an absence that should be excused, please send an email to or call 847.582.7500 before the next school day and the office will correct it.
There may be times when you will receive a message for your student getting marked absent from a class, but they were IN the school building at the time. If that happens, have a conversation with your student and ask them to email their dean directly. Please note, a parent/guardian cannot excuse these types of absences for their student. 
Our hope with this additional communication is to maintain more accurate attendance for our student body in a more timely manner. As always, we appreciate your support and reach out to us if you have any questions. 
Frank Lesniak
Dean of Students
Michelene Tomek
Dean of Students