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Distinguished Educator Award

To the Class of 2019-

The Distinguished Educator award is a long lasting tradition at Lake Forest High School that helps to celebrate, appreciate and acknowledge the wonderful relationships our students and faculty create year after year.

You, as a member of the senior class, are given the opportunity to nominate a teacher, counselor, dean, or administrator who has made a lasting impact on your time at LFHS.   

All nominated educators will be presented with a framed certificate at the closing faculty ceremony in June and will receive an original copy of your essay written on their behalf.  The student with the winning essay (chosen by a panel of judges not associated with LFHS) will get the opportunity to read a portion of their essay at graduation.  This will be a surprise to the educator!

Seniors can find the nomination form on the LFHS website.  The form asks students to answer four questions in an essay format.  Students may individually nominate an educator, or do so as a group (max 3 people.)  Seniors are asked to be as specific as possible in their answers.  This is not a contest that judges writing abilities; rather will be considering the content of the answers.

To make it simple for formatting issues, please type your essay in Times New Roman font, 12pt. and single spaced.

The essay is due on Friday May 17th.  Please email your submission to

The due date above is at the end of the second AP test week.  If you are interested in nominating a teacher, counselor, dean or administrator, please consider starting your essay before May.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact Mrs. Logas at or Mrs. Rogna at

Please do not send your submission directly to Mrs. Logas or Mrs. Rogna, rather the email address listed above: