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Distinguished Educator Award Nomination Form

In Memory of Tom Wing

In the fall of 2003, we lost a friend and a mentor at Lake Forest High School. Tom Wing touched the lives of many people, especially the lives of those whom he taught. After his death many of his students came forward to express their gratitude and appreciation for all that he had given of himself. Unfortunately, Tom did not have the chance to hear this praise. It is this regret that serves as the foundation for The Distinguished Educator Award, a contest that will help all of us at Lake Forest High School remember to celebrate, appreciate, and acknowledge the wonderful relationships our students and faculty create year after year.

The form below asks students to answer four questions (in essay form). Students may individually nominate an educator, or do so as a group (max 3 students). Seniors are asked to be as specific as possible in their answers. This is not a contest that judges writing abilities; rather, the judges will be considering the content of the answers.

The Process
Once all essays have been turned in, the essays will be presented to the judges, who are to be members of the community with an investment in Lake Forest High School. These judges, however, may not be parents of current students, nor may they be employees of the high school.

The panel of judges will narrow down the essays until they decide on the winner. The writer of the winning essay will be contacted and will have the opportunity to read the essay at graduation as a surprise to the winning faculty member. If the author would rather not read the essay, he or she may ask another party to do so. At graduation, after the essay has been read, the winning educator will be presented with a plaque and a pin. A larger plaque will also be engraved and will state the winner from year to year. This plaque will be hung in the school. No educator may win The Distinguished Educator Award more than once in a five-year period.

All nominated educators will be presented (by the Superintendent/Principal) with a certificate and the original essay written on their behalf.

The essays are due Monday, May 3rd by 7:00 p.m.