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Information About AP Exams for LFHS Students

Dear LFHS Parents, Guardians, and Students:


We are reaching out to you with information about AP Exams for Lake Forest High School students. Similar to the rest of the 2020-2021 school year, many logistics related to AP exams have also been undetermined. That said, our teachers of AP courses and students in AP classes should be commended for their hard work to be as prepared as possible for testing this spring.


The CollegeBoard, which sets the schedule for AP testing, sought to create a flexible schedule that could meet the varied needs of students, teachers, and school districts across the country. In taking those factors into consideration, so too has Lake Forest High School worked to provide a schedule that can benefit and accommodate our stakeholders.


When looking at the AP schedule below, in the best interest of our students, we were mindful of the following aspects associated with testing in order to help us make decisions. Additionally, the options provided also needed to fall within the parameters and constraints that come with the end of the school year.


Some of the aspects we considered include:

  1. When and where possible, we sought to provide students with two testing options, either 'in person paper/pencil' and/or 'at home digital.' This would meet the needs of our students during this school year.
  2. We want to make sure AP exams will not conflict with final exams that run from June 1st-4th.
  3. If it could be avoided, AP exams would not occur after the school year was over.


It is important to note that students and their families, not the school, will have the choice as to which option they select for testing: 'in person paper/pencil' or 'at home digital.' Additionally, as families select either 'in person' or 'remote' learning for fourth quarter, please know that a student may select either the 'in person paper/pencil' or 'at home digital' test, regardless of their fourth quarter learning preference.


Please consider this additional information as well:


Other important information:


   All in school paper & pencil start times are 7:50am & 12:15pm local.

   At home digital exams are 11am CST & 3pm CST.

   Students will need to understand that digital exams are also full length exams, the same duration as the paper & pencil versions; they do not mirror the shorter length of May 2020. There is no use of cameras & no file uploads.

   Students should understand that with the at home digital versions of the exam, they will not be able to go back to previous pages. Once they answer a question or skip a question, they may not go back.  Clearly, on a paper & pencil exam, they will be able to do this.

   Directions around the 'at home digital' testing option will be forthcoming.

   Score reporting will differ depending on when a student takes an AP exam. For example, students taking exams during the May window will receive their results in July 2021. However, students taking an AP exam in mid-June will not receive their scores until August 2021.


Below is the schedule, per AP course. Please note that these time frames are selected nationally by the CollegeBoard, not by Lake Forest High School:


LFHS AP Spring Exam Schedule 2021


More details will be forthcoming from the CollegeBoard about when and how students will register for either the in person or at home testing options. You will receive a google form survey immediately after spring break from the Office of Teaching and Learning in which you will determine whether you will select the 'in person paper/pencil' or 'at home digital' version of the AP exam. It will be important that you look for this correspondence as we will ask for a firm decision by Friday, April 9th regarding your testing preference.


Thank you.


Alan Wahlert Ed.D.                                                      

Director of Teaching and Learning                                           

Donna LaVitola

Assessment and Resource Coordinator