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LFHS New Media Wins the All-American High School Film Festival Film Challenge

The All-American High School Film Festival Complete Experience Film Contest is the most prestigious student film contest in the world. Over 100 schools participate each year from across the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Normally a 5-week contest that culminates with shooting in New York City for 3 days, this year schools had 4 weeks to come up with a team, a plan, and a story based on the prompt "For a Long Time."

Lake Forest High School's submission was a culmination of years of work by a talented senior class, along with support from New Media teacher, Mr. Steve Douglass, who encouraged students to develop their skills and pursue their dreams in film production.

Executive Producer: Steve Douglass
Producer: Lauren Fabbri
Coordinating Producer: Lauren Fabbri

Director: Yana Savitsky
AD: Sebastian Starks

Mom: Mrs. Tanya Sharman
Dad: Mr. Jay Sharman
Max: Reid Baasen
Pierce: Pierce Docherty
Cole: Cole Joseph

Lead Writer: Jack Frede
Assistant Writer: Kenny Peterson-Ross
Writing Room: Lindsey Asmussen
Script Supervisor: Janel Sharman

Cinematographer: Ian Jackson
1st AC: Jack Frede
2nd AC: Liv Adams (Sink Slate)
3rd AC: Michael Monachino (Lights and Tripod)

DIT: Andy Wheymeyer

Audio: Jack Frede,  Alex McDowell, Kenny Peterson-Ross

Wardrobe and Props: Lauren Fabbri
Sofia Arpino

Makeup/BTS Footage: Chloe Lomax