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Recording of October 16 COVID-19 Town Hall

Please join me for a joint District 67 and District 115 online Town Hall on Friday, October 16 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM.

As the COIDV-19 situation evolves in our region and community, I want to pull us together in advance of the weekend for a timely and informed conversation.

I will be joined by Dr. Scott Morcott of Passport Health, Dr. Michelle Shinn from District 67, and Mr. Lane Linder from District 115. Together, we will provide updates on the pandemic in our region including current and potential impacts in our Districts. Dr. Morcott will share the latest on testing and contact tracing. Dr. Shinn and Mr. Linder will discuss current health and safety protocols including guidance on the reporting and management of positive cases of COVID-19, isolation, and quarantine.

We will have an opportunity to respond to community questions regarding issues of health and safety in the District. Please submit your questions here.

I realize this is short notice. For those who are unable to participate, this session will be live streamed, recorded, and posted on The Map for you to replay at your convenience.

Thank you,

Michael V. Simeck