Each year LFHS Boosters recognizes four senior athletes with the Outstanding Senior Athlete Award. These students have demonstrated excellence through their performance, leadership, spirit and sportsmanship as an athlete at LFHS. The award consists of four $1000 scholarships given to two outstanding female and two outstanding male athletes. Award winners will also be prominently displayed on the "Images of Excellence Mural" and in the Boosters' print ads.

To be eligible for this award, the athlete must:

  • be a student in good standing at LFHS
  • be eligible to graduate in 2018
  • have participated/is currently participating in a recognized LFHS sport at the varsity level for at least 2 years.

To apply for this award, all athletes should go to the Boosters website*:

*Applications will be available on the Boosters website the last week of February, 2018.

All completed forms must be submitted on or before Friday, April 13, 2018.

LFHS Booster Spirit Store

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Our Mission is to promote and support athletic success, spirit and sportsmanship in every sport and for every student-athlete at Lake Forest High School.

Boosters is a volunteer organization whose mission is to promote and support athletic success, spirit and sportsmanship at Lake Forest High School. The generous contributions of our members and corporate partners, as well as our many volunteers, have enabled the Boosters to continue its longstanding tradition of supporting and sponsoring a wide variety of activities designed to enhance the success of the our high school's athletic teams, and the experiences of our student-athletes.

In addition to a variety of high profile projects and activities, the Boosters' support of LFHS athletics takes many other forms, including grants to assist our student-athletes and teams in participating in athletic camps and high caliber competitions, to fund injury prevention initiatives such as concussion assessments for our kids, and to underwrite the costs of equipment, gear and events for our teams. Over the past few years, each and every LFHS sport has been the recipient of support from the Boosters. This year alone, Boosters funded more than $100,000 in support of Scouts athletics, and we've approved a similar commitment for next year.

But it's important to note that Boosters role is not limited to financial assistance. We are also active in a variety of programs that promote and foster the development of life skills such as leadership, sportsmanship and wellness, and we collaborate on initiatives that benefit the LFHS community generally, beyond athletics.


Promotes athletic success, spirit, and sportsmanship and provides funding for:

  • Equipment and gear for teams
  • Athlete Development Grants for participation in summer athletic camps and events
  • Varsity Team Grants for participation in high-caliber competitions
  • Professional Development Grants for LFHS coaches
  • Need-based grants to ensure opportunities for athletic participation
  • Outstanding Senior Athlete Awards and scholarships
  • Injury prevention and wellness initiatives
  • Team banquets and other special events for student-athletes and parents

Volunteer Your Time

  • Booster Board
  • Parent Volunteer

Provide Financial Support

  • Membership Drive
  • Booster Concessions
  • Booster Boutique
  • Community Partnership Program