Lake Forest High School

Planning for the Future - A Comprehensive Assessment

Lake Forest High School is in the process of conducting a comprehensive assessment of its school facilities. This thorough review, which includes both a Health and Life Safety evaluation and a Master Plan, will allow our school and communities to thoughtfully plan for the future. The review is focused on ensuring funds are allocated effectively and that our facilities are maintained and improved in a cost-efficient manner to support future ready learning.

March 4 Community Open House

Please note: The surveys are now closed. We appreciate all the feedback we received from the community.

Next Steps

  • March 9: Board of Education Meeting
  • Update on Community Open House
  • March-April: Website
    Gather Community Feedback
  • March-April: Review/Revise Plan
    Facilities Oversight Committee
  • April 13: Board of Education Meeting
    Initial Recommendations from the Oversight Committee, Health and Life Safety Report
  • May 11: Board of Education Meeting
    Final Report and Recommendations from the Oversight Committee

Facilities Oversight Committee Members

John Noble, Board of Education
Jenny Zinser, Board of Education
Michael Simeck, Superintendent    
Jennifer Hermes, Chief Operating Officer / CSBO    
Rebecca Jenkins, Deputy Superintendent    
Jordan Salus, Chief Technology Officer    
Anne Whipple, Director of Communications
Cindy Collier, Faculty
Billy Douglass, Community Member
Eileen Swartout, Community Member    
Geoff Hanson, Community Member    
Joe Knesley,  Community Member
Marcy Kerr,  Community Member
Susan Morris,  Community Member   
Rick Young, Perkins & Will    
Mark Jolicoeur, Perkins & Will