All LFHS organizations are encouraged to promote their fundraisers on this page. Please follow the fundraiser guidelines listed in the right column on this page:


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  1. Two zones have been established for lobby sales: Zone 1 is the small foyer between the library foyer and the commons and Zone 2 is the Metcalf foyer. The selling zone will be shown on the lobby sales calendar. Groups should check the calendar to see where they are selling.
  2. No group can have more than 3 sales per month.
  3. Forms must be completed for all fundraising on this GENERAL FUNDRAISING ON-LINE FORM

All sports teams conducting a fundraising activity or anyone using athletic facilities at either campus should submit forms to Char Ash . Any other fundraising forms are to be submitted to Ashleigh Malec. If you have submitted these forms by using the on-line form above, this step has already been completed.

Once approval has been given for general/lobby fundraising activities, you will be e-mailed a confirmation with a request to send a flyer and/or information that can be used to promote the fundraiser. Shortly thereafter, the flyer/information will be posted on this page. The Fundraising Master Calendar shown next to this
information will be updated for your reference.