Prom 2019

Saturday, May 11, 2019

2018-2019 Junior Class Cabinet. This group of students meets every Friday morning to plan Prom. Sarah Bires is the President, Haley Banta is the Vice-President, and Bridget Mitchell is the Secretary. 

Parent Meeting

Lake Forest High School hosted a parent meeting on Tuesday, April 16 to provide everyone with clear expectations and guidelines regarding Prom, Graduation and the end of the school year in general. If you missed this meeting, or wish to review the information presented, please click on the link below:

Information Presented at April 16, 2019 Parent Meeting

This document also includes important End of Year Events.

Facts about Prom

  • Each year the Jr. Class Reps select a theme for the prom. Students design artwork based on the theme which is then carried through t-shirts, invitations, prom red carpet, and venue decorations. This is total student driven event supported by the LFHS staff and APT.
  • LFHS students began taking coach buses to Chicago in early 1980’s.
  • The "Project Safe Prom" fundraising campaign was initiated in 2002 to fund this safe transportation for all Prom attendees.
  • Each year, nearly 800 students walk a red carpet making their grand entrance to the waiting public before boarding the 18-20 coach buses.
  • Parents, community members, faculty and families watch the prom red carpet promenade from bleachers which are set up on the front lawn.

Project Safe Prom raises funds to provide safe, reliable transportation for our students to and from the Prom venue. Each year, Lake Forest High School parents, alumni, and community members demonstrate their commitment by donating to this campaign. The Jr. Class also contributes from their own class monies to this cause. Please consider making your donation today!