Project Safe Prom

What is Project Safe Prom?

Project Safe Prom
Safety is Priceless!

Project Safe Prom is a fundraising campaign which raises the monies necessary to pay for approximately 18-22 buses to safely transport over 800 students and chaperones to and from Prom and for event security.

Each year, teenage students count down the days until prom, what they consider to be one of the most important nights of their young lives. Sadly enough, prom, in many cases, is the last night of their lives. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, on average, 5200 teenagers are injured and 48 are killed in automobile crashes nationwide during a typical prom weekend.

In addition to promoting students' safety with a longstanding tradition of zero-tolerance for drug and alcohol, Lake Forest High School requires students to travel by bus, to and from prom. The Junior Class raises funds each year to cover the cost of these buses to promote a safe and enjoyable night for all and that's where you can help! Your donation will help make LFHS Prom 2020 another safe and memorable evening.

Thank you in advance for your support, on behalf of the Junior Class.

Prom Rocks when Buses Roll!

Ashleigh L. Malec
Student Activities Director

Donation Levels


Amount Level

$500 and Above


Adopt a Bus

$250 and Above


Road Royalty

$100 and Above


First Class

$50 and Above   Coach
How it all began.... Notes from David Strain, Dean's Office, Prom Advisor 1974-1994

The first year for the prom coach buses was 1985. During that time, the cost for the buses was picked up by the administration with the money coming from the "coke machines." The first year was an experiment, and therefore riding the coach buses was voluntary. School staff met with the APT, and about 89% of the students rode the buses the first year. The second year the buses were made mandatory and all students were required to ride the buses. That year, (1986) six seniors actually went out an bought a beat up old yellow school bus, contending that the administration had not stipulated "coach buses" when the decree went out that if students were going to attend the prom, they had to ride a bus.

In the early 1980's when the Chicago Bears played the Green Bay Packers, in Green Bay the players and coaches rode coach buses, so the idea presented to the student body was that if it was good enough for the Bears, it was good enough for the students. In order to sell it to the student body, David Strain took the Junior Class Officers, guys in Tux, gals in formal attire to the bus company and Ray Fitzgerald volunteered to take pictures (some blown up to poster size) to get students in the mind set that the buses could be both elegant and fun, and foster safety to and from the Chicago Marriott.

Dave Strain