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Introducing x2VOL - Search Student Volunteer Opportunities/Track Service Hours!

Introducing x2Vol!

This year, we will be using a new system to track student service hours, called x2VOL. You will find the link in your Naviance Family Connection. You will also use this system to find service opportunities, participate in Open Doors, or if you are involved in an internship program. For a short video on how to log in to your x2VOL account, click here. After you register, x2VOL will be available every time you login to Naviance.

Here are some exciting opportunities!

Scheduled Opportunities



On-Going Opportunities

Beacon Place
Provide after-School and Saturday morning tutoring! Click Naviance Family Connection and select x2Vol to apply!

Roberti Community House After-school Program
Provide tutoring and help students with crafts. Click Naviance Family Connection and select x2VOL to apply!

Feed my Starving Children
Help turn hunger into hope with your own two hands! Click Naviance Family Connection and select x2VOL to apply!

Lake Bluff Open Lands Social Media Internship Opportunity
LBOL is looking for 2-3 students to serve as Social Media Interns. Click Naviance Family Connection and select x2VOL to apply!

Mother's Trust Social Media Internship Opportunity
Mother's Trust is looking for 3-5 students to serve as Social Media Interns. Click Naviance Family Connection and select x2VOL to apply!

Horesfeathers Therapeutic Riding Volunteers Needed!
Horsefeathers is a supportive treatment program for people of all ages and all abilities. Click
Naviance Family Connection and select x2VOL to apply!


Prudential Spirit of Community Awards
Volunteers can be recognized at the local and national level. Click here to apply.

Should students record volunteer hours?

Should students record volunteer hours?

Yes, students should keep track of their time spent performing community service. They can do this by using the LFHS online service hour reporting found in x2VOL in Naviance Family Connection.

The Volunteer Service Office will keep track of a student’s hours for their entire high school career and can print out a record whenever it is needed. It is important to record service hours because the Student Services Office frequently refers to the volunteer records of students when asked to suggest candidates for leadership seminars, conferences, scholarships, and national and local service awards. When filling out the online form, please note that only one date can be put in as the date for volunteer service. If the service was done throughout a period of time, just put in the most recent date of service and use the description portion of the form to state the period of time in which the service was performed. For example, if a church work trip was for an entire week in June, please list the last day of the trip as the date of service and then in the description section state when the trip started and how many days it lasted. It is important to fill in the name of the adult in charge as well as a contact number. The Volunteer Service Office does periodically check to verify the information.

What ARE and ARE NOT considered Volunteer Hours?

What is the President’s Volunteer Service Award?

What is the President’s Volunteer Service Award?

Student Service Recognition Night ceremony is held annually in April. One of the awards that will be presented at this ceremony is the President’s Volunteer Service Award, which is a nationally recognized service award sponsored through the White House and the Points of Light Foundation. This award is based solely on the number of service hours completed by a student within a year’s time. Our year runs from March 16, 2015 through March 15, 2016. There are two different age categories and three levels of recognition:

Hours by Award




Teens (11-15)




Young Adults (16-25)




Only students who have recorded their hours on x2VOl in Naviance will be eligible to receive one of these awards. Students should record their volunteer hours by the March deadline.

Why should students volunteer?

Why should students volunteer?

Volunteering promotes citizenship and community awareness. It also provides opportunities to develop leadership skills and exposes students to potential career or college interests. And, helping others usually makes a person feel good and is a great way to meet new friends! Volunteer service is a requirement for entrance into the LFHS chapter of the National Honor Society and can be a significant factor in college admittance.

How to Find the Right Volunteer Position for YOU!

How to Find the Right Volunteer Position for YOU!

Interested in volunteering in our community, but don’t know where to begin? Here are some easy steps:

1. Look through the list below of local agencies that offer volunteer positions for high school students. Begin by thinking about your interests and where you want to make an impact. Do you like working with children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, or animals? Do you have a passion for the environment? Hopefully that helps you narrow down the list a little. Next, think about what your strengths are and what type of skills or talents you can bring to a volunteer position. Finally, think about how much time you have to give and what hours and days of the week are best for you. Will you have transportation? It is important to discuss your choices and the related locations/logistic with your parents.

2. You can learn more about the individual agencies by visiting their websites, listed below. Phone or email a couple agencies that seem like they may be a good match for you and ask to speak with the volunteer coordinator.

3. Let the volunteer coordinator know that you are a Lake Forest High School student who is looking for a volunteer position. Describe what you are interested in doing and your availability.

Ask to meet with the volunteer coordinator if you would like to learn more about the position.

Student Internships for LFHS


The purpose of internships is to build student awareness of college and career opportunities. Interns apply their learning from their high school experience to the real-world. They acquire career skills and knowledge by investigating a field of interest related to the their long-term goals.


• Summer internships are flexible in length based on the needs of the mentors and interns; however, they must be at least 20 hours in duration.

• The participating business/professional mentors will offer a defined “project” within a specified time frame for the intern

• School personnel will be responsible for preparing both students and mentors for the internship experience

• A designated faculty advisor will facilitate and oversee the intern program and serve as connection between the intern and the mentor.


• Increase skills to demands of 21st century workforce and economy

• Navigate learning, life, and information technology, understanding content knowledge and current topics, organizing and assigning resources, and working effectively with others

• Increase sense of civic engagement and responsibility as students learn how work addresses a community or public purpose

• Build self confidence, maturity and experience by working with adults in a business environment

• Open the world of work to teach them the content, skills and attitudes needed to succeed in a work environment


• Benefit from positive public relations by supporting youth
• The opportunity to positively impact youth by providing a venue for high school students to participate and learn in a quality work environment
• The opportunity to provide “hands–on” real life work experience for students, and be a part of an investment in their future.


• Placements are categorized according to the National Career Clusters® Framework

• Fifteen students were placed this summer, in the following locations

◦ Campbell and Schmidt Family Dentistry

◦ Agsco (2 Students)
◦ Rosalind Franklin Institute

◦ West Lake Forest Animal Hospital

◦ WT Engineering (2 Students)

◦ Fort Sheridan Animal Hospital

◦ Mother’s Trust Foundation

◦ Lake Bluff Elementary School (2 Students)

◦ Illinois Bone and Joint
◦ Fresh Start Incubator (3 Students)

◦ Lake Bluff Open Lands

Open Doors

open doors

What is Open Doors?

  • Open Doors is a career exploration program that is brought to you by the Student Services Department and the Lake Forest Association of Parents and Teachers (APT).
  • It is open to all LFHS students and takes place during student days of non-attendance on Thursday, 11/2/17 and Friday, 11/3/17.
  • Open Doors provides students a first-hand experience in a professional setting to obtain practical knowledge in an area they may be considering as a future career. Not-for-profit opportunities will be available for service hours.

Why encourage your student to participate in Open Doors?

  • Students will get a taste of the “real world” of business or a service organization.
  • The connection between academics and careers will be on display, helping students to understand the relevance of their classwork.
  • Introduces students to the requirements of professions and industries to help them prepare for the 21st century workforce.
  • Students may attend half day (either morning or afternoon) or full day sessions at the business or service opportunity they choose. Opportunities will be available for preview a week before registration begins.

Provide a job shadowing experience at your business or workplace!

  • Show LFHS students your workplace and give an overview of your organization and industry.
  • Tell them about the skills, abilities and education that are specifically required for this career.
  • If possible, allow them to participate in hands-on projects, such as interactions with clients/customers, research, meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.
  • Give them a taste of the “real world”.

Please consider becoming an OPEN DOORS Mentor

Students and Parents: Registration will be online, on a first come basis.

For more information, contact: Jim Sullivan or 847-582-7702

Career Pathways

The first step in helping students determine possible career pathways is to help them to understand the link between our curriculum and the jobs that require the skills and knowledge that are taught in their classes. Counselors worked with ID’s to align all of our courses, clubs and activities to the 16 National Career Clusters. The document that was created also includes college majors, salary ranges for careers as well as local internship opportunities. Using this document, students can make more informed choices about their areas of interest, the classes they select and future college and careers opportunities that can pursue. ?

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