Student Parking

First Semester 2020-2021 Information

Now Open to Juniors

For the first time, the Fall 2020 first semester parking lottery will be open to juniors for registration from Monday, September 28th until Thursday, October 1st at noon. When we are in the eHybrid learning model, juniors and seniors with the last name A-L will be attending school in-person on Monday and Tuesday and students with the last name M-Z will be attending school in person on Thursday and Friday. Therefore, the number of available parking spots has doubled. Juniors will be allowed to register for parking for semester 1 only and may not defer the use of their spot to second semester. You will be assigned parking based on the days you are expected to be on campus, as outlined in the eHybrid schedule. As a result of this shift, instead of charging a flat fee, parking spots will cost a daily rate of $8.25. The daily parking rate was figured based on the cost of yearly parking divided by the number of days in a school year.

Use this link to register

LFHS eHybrid Learning Schedule

Student parking days for in-person instruction will be recorded by the district and students will be invoiced at the end of first semester for the total number of days the student was assigned to attend in-person learning, not the number of days used. The parking lottery is open for all current juniors and seniors to register. By completing the registration link on RevTrak, students are entering the lottery to be selected for one parking spot for two days of parking (either M/T or Th/F). All applications submitted before the deadline will be included in the lottery. The lottery is done by a computer-generated program.

Senior On-Campus Parking

Student parking at Lake Forest High School is open to all students in their senior year. Spots are numbered and all vehicles are required to have a current parking sticker that matches their assigned spot in their windshield at all times between the hours of 7 am and 3:30 pm. Parking spots are assigned by a random lottery system and cost $725 a semester. Students looking to enter the parking lottery can do so by signing up through the parking link on RevTrak (when live) and process their parking payment for $725. Only students who will be seniors at the time of semester parking can entering the parking lottery. Students will be notified that the lottery is open through their school email and Schoology announcements. The first semester parking lottery opens during the first week of June in a student’s junior year. The second semester parking lottery opens at the end of October.

Parking Lottery Guidelines:

  • A lottery for available spaces will be held. All applications submitted before the deadline will be included in the lottery. The lottery is done by a computer-generated program.
  • Seniors will be notified of lottery results via the email provided on the parking application.
  • A senior can choose to share a parking space with another senior student. This information needs to be kept on file with Ms. Malec, Director of Student Activities.
  • If a student receives a parking space for first semester, they can defer the use of their space until second semester.
  • Seniors who do not receive a parking space will automatically be issued a refund and placed on a waiting list based on the number assigned by the lottery computer program.
  • Students are responsible for picking up their semester parking pass during Book Buy in August and in the cafeteria in January for second semester.
  • School authorities may inspect and search school property and equipment owned or controlled by the school (including parking lots).
  • Students who abuse their parking privileges may have their parking space revoked.

Parking for semester 1 and 2 are for every single school day of the respective semester.

ALL vehicles parked on school property at any point are subject to inspection and search.

View Senior Parking Guidelines

Other Transportation Options:

Remote parking at the train station (701 N. McKinley Road). More information about parking in the city of Lake Forest can be found on their website here.

Riding a school bus. More information about utilizing school transportation can be found here.