Theater has a long and rich tradition at Lake Forest High School. Alumni have made great contributions to this history as performers, technicians and artists with work ranging from local community and professional theater to Broadway, national, and international acclaim.


To encourage creativity and the exploration of theater arts as performers and technicians through meaningful production experience in a wide variety of styles and forms, and to foster a life-long appreciation of theater arts. Read more on Core Values, Vision, Goals, and Objectives.

Theater Arts are for everyone, not only for those who choose to seek a career in the performance industries. Theater experience plays a significant role in building team-work, self-confidence, dynamic presentation, problem-solving, time-management, and many other skills valued across all professions.

These skills are taught through actual performance and production experiences tailored specifically to first and second-year students; and to third and fourth-year students; and other productions which are open to all students of any experience level.

We also train our performers through coaching in individual and group forensic events such as debate, public speaking, solo/duo performance from a wide range of original and published literary sources, and many other events.

Those less-inclined to perform for an audience gain valuable skills working behind the scenes creating scenery, lighting, sound and special effects, as well as experience in management and organization that can serve the individual throughout life.

Theater Arts also play a significant role in developing interpersonal skills and providing a safe outlet for creative fun and entertainment for the community. Working closely with our community through our parent support group PALs we offer other enrichment opportunities including guest artists, workshops, seminars, and field trips to college, community, and professional theaters.

Theater News and Productions

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Theater Advisors

Joseph Aquino

Theater Director

Dr. Chala Holland


Sara Dreiling

ITS Advisor

Kelly MacBlane

History Department, Co-director Spring Music
Instructor - Theater Department

Joe Pulio

Business Education Department, Co-Director Fall Play & Winter Play
Instructor - Theater

John Wanninger

English Department, Co-director Spring Musical, Director Frosh/Soph Play

Corey Holmer

EdTech Studio, Technical-director Frosh/Soph Play, Talent Show Teacher