Past Show List

Gymnasium (Student Cafeteria) Plays

1938-39 The Saturday Evening Ghost
1939-40 An Old Spanish Custom (Operetta)
1940-41 Pirates of Penzance; Seven Keys to Baldpate; Trial By Jury
1949-50 Dear Ruth, Herbert Gladding
1950-51 Ladies In Retirement, Herbert Gladding; HMS Pinafore, Herbert Gladding and Joseph Wagner
1953-54 Our Town, Herbert Gladding
1954-55 The Barrets of Wimpole Street, Herbert Gladding
1955-56 Arsenic and Old Lace, Herbert Gladding
1956-57 The Mad Woman of Chaillot, Herbert Gladding
1957-58 Angel Street, Herbert Gladding
1958-59 Our Town, Herbert Gladding
1959-60 Antigone, Herbert Gladding

Raymond Moore Auditorium Plays

1960-61 Life with Father, Herbert Gladding; A Murder Has Been Arranged, Herbert Gladding
1961-62 Arms and the Man, Herbert Gladding; The Matchmaker, Herbert Gladding
1962-63 The Curious Savage, Enid Alleman
1963-64 The Solid Gold Cadillac, Enid Alleman
1964-65 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, Bruce Siewerth; The Diary of Anne Frank, Bruce Siewerth
1965-66 Teahouse of the August Moon, Jay Criche
1966-67 Harvey, Jay Criche
1967-68 Antigone, Jay Criche
1968-69 The Crucible, Jay Criche
1969-70 The Skin of Our Teeth, Jay Criche
1970-71 The Cave Dwellers, Jay Criche
1971-72 The Man Who Came to Dinner, Jay Criche
1972-73 Ten Little Indians, Jay Criche
1973-74 JB, Jay Criche
1974-75 The Corn Is Green, Jay Criche
1975-76 The Miracle Worker, Jay Criche
1976-77 Arsenic and Old Lace, Jay Criche
1977-78 Dark of the Moon, Jim Usher
1978-79 The Importance of Being Earnest, Jan O’Connor
1979-80 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Jan O’Connor
1980-81 Picnic, Jay Criche
1981-82 The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Jay Criche
1982-83 The Real Inspector Hound and Stage Directions, Jay Criche
1983-84 When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder? Jay Criche
1984-85 All the Way Home, Jay Criche; Scapino, Jay Criche
1985-86 Bus Stop, Jay Criche; The Rimers of Eldritch, Jay Criche
1986-87 George Washington Slept Here, Jay Criche
1987-88 Tea and Sympathy, Jay Criche
1988-89 The Importance of Being Earnest, Barbara Papp
1989-90 After the Fall, Ken Kopriva
1990-91 Noises Off, Ken Kopriva
1991-92 Ten November, Ken Kopriva
1992-93 Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Ken Kopriva
1993-94 As You Like It, Ken Kopriva
1994-95 Lend Me a Tenor, Ken Kopriva
1995-96 The Grapes of Wrath, Ken Kopriva
1996-97 and neither have i wings to fly, Ken Kopriva
1997-98 Working, Ken Kopriva
1998-99 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Karen Kopriva
1999-00 Our Town, Karen Kopriva *
2000-01 Black Comedy and White Liars, Karen Kopriva *
2001-02 The Heidi Chronicles, Karen Kopriva
2002-03 You Can’t Take It With You, Barbara Papp
2003-04 Don’t Drink the Water, Joe Pulio
2004-05 While the Lights Were Out, Joe Pulio
2005-06 Dancing at Lughnasa, Barbara Papp
2006-07 Vacancy In Paradise, Joe Pulio and Kelly MacBlane
2007-08 Inspecting Carol, Joe Pulio
2008-09 Picnic, Joe Pulio
2009-10 You Can’t Take It With You, Joe Pulio
2010-11 Rumors, Joe Pulio and Kelly MacBlane
2011-12 Almost Maine, Joe Pulio
2012-13 Wild Dust, Joe Pulio
2013-14 While the Lights Were Out, Joe Pulio
2014-15 Curate Shakespeare As You Like It, Karen Topham and Joe Pulio
2015-16 Little Women, Karen Topham
2016-17 Radium Girls, Joe Pulio
2017-18 You Can't Take it With You, Joe Pulio
2018-19 The Patsy, Joe Pulio
2019-20 Rumors, Joe Pulio
2020-21 Elephant's Graveyard, Joe Pulio, Sara Dreiling
2021-22 Clue, Joe Pulio, Sara Dreiling

* presented in the Studio Theater due to construction

Raymond Moore Auditorium Musicals

1961-62 The Boy Friend, Russ Hogan
1962-63 Bye Bye Birdie, Russ Hogan
1963-64 Anything Goes, Russ Hogan
1964-65 The Music Man, Russ Hogan
1965-66 Brigadoon, Jay Criche
1966-67 Oklahoma!, Jay Criche
1967-68 Guys and Dolls, Jay Criche
1968-69 Carousel, Jay Criche
1969-70 The King and I, Jay Criche
1970-71 Stop the World, I Want to Get Off, Jay Criche
1971-72 The Fantasticks, Jay Criche
1972-73 The Boy Friend, Jay Criche
1973-74 Hello Dolly, Jay Criche
1974-75 Wonderful Town, Jay Criche
1975-76 Mame, Jay Criche
1976-77 The Music Man, Jay Criche
1977-78 Bye Bye Birdie, Jay Criche
1978-79 Carnival, Jay Criche
1979-80 Oklahoma!, Jay Criche
1980-81 South Pacific, Jay Criche
1981-82 Godspell, Jay Criche
1982-83 Once Upon a Mattress, Jay Criche
1983-84 Babes in Arms, Jay Criche
1984-85 no musical presented this year
1985-86 no musical presented this year
1986-87 A Chorus Line, Jay Criche
1987-88 Cabaret, Jay Criche
1988-89 Oklahoma!, Tim Haskett
1989-90 The Sound of Music, Tim Haskett
1990-91 Little Shop of Horrors
1991-92 Oliver!, Ken Kopriva
1992-93 Pippin
1993-94 Fiddler on the Roof, Ken Kopriva
1994-95 My Fair Lady, Barbara Papp
1995-96 The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Ken Kopriva
1996-97 Guys and Dolls, Barbara Papp
1997-98 Once on this Island, Ken Kopriva
1998-99 Man of La Mancha, Barbara Papp
1999-00 Into the Woods, Karen Kopriva *
2000-01 Carousel *
2001-02 Pippin
2002-03 The King and I, Barbara Papp
2003-04 Grease, Joe Pulio
2004-05 The Music Man, Barbara Papp and Kelly MacBlane
2005-06 Anything Goes, Kelly MacBlane
2006-07 Peter Pan, Joe Pulio and Kelly MacBlane
2007-08 South Pacific, Barbara Papp and Kelly MacBlane
2008-09 Thoroughly Modern Millie, Kelly MacBlane
2009-10 Les Miserables, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2010-11 Footloose, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2011-12 How To Succeed In Business, Without Really Trying, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2012-13 Seussical, the Musical!, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2013-14 Sweet Charity, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2014-15 Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2015-16 Hello Dolly!, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2016-17 Urinetown, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2017-18 Beauty and the Beast, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2018-19 All Shook Up, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger
2019-20 Once Upon a Mattress, Kelly MacBlane and John Wanninger **
2020-21 Month Python's Spamalot, John Wanninger, Sara Dreiling

* presented off campus due to construction
** Production cancelled due to Covid-19

Theater West All-School Plays

1978-79 The Late Christopher Bean, Louise Chapman; The Glass Menagerie , Louise Chapman
1979-80 Oh Men, Amen, Louise Chapman; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Louise Chapman
1980-81 David and Lisa, Louise Chapman; Harvey, Louise Chapman
1981-82 The Chalk Garden, Louise Chapman; The Curious Savage, Louise Chapman
1982-83 The Patient in 4B, Louise Chapman; The Skin of Our Teeth, Louise Chapman

Studio Theater All-School Plays

1983-84 Our Town, Barbara Papp
1984-85 Close Ties, Barbara Papp
1985-86 Folding Green, Barbara Papp
1986-87 Angel Street, Barbara Papp
1987-88 Exit the King, Barbara Papp
1988-89 Crimes of the Heart, Ken Kopriva
1989-90 The Dining Room, Barbara Papp
1990-91 Blythe Spirit, Barbara Papp
1991-92 A Doll’s House, Barbara Papp
1992-93 A Woman in Mind, Barbara Papp
1993-94 The Man Who Came to Dinner, Barbara Papp
1994-95 Judevine, Ken Kopriva
1994-95 A Streetcar Named Desire, Ken Kopriva
1995-96 Lettice and Lovage, Barbara Papp
1996-97 The Crucible, Ken Kopriva
1997-98 Funny Money, Barbara Papp
1998-99 Ten November, Ken Kopriva
1999-00 Skin of Our Teeth, Barbara Papp
2000-01 The Miss Firecracker Contest, Joseph Pulio
2001-02 The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, Joseph Pulio

All-School Plays

2002-03 Play It Again Sam, Joe Pulio
2003-04 Round and Round the Garden, Barb Papp
2004-13 no winter plays produced
2013-14 Time of My Life, Karen Topham
2014-15 Antigone, Karen Topham
2015-16 The Miss Firecracker Contest, Joe Pulio
2016-17 The Italian American Reconciliation, Joe Pulio
2017-18 The Amish Project, Joe Pulio
2018-19 1984, Joe Pulio
2019-20 Love/Sick, Joe Pulio
2020-21 Reunited Shorts, Joe Pulio

Studio Theater Freshman/Sophomore Play

1983-84 Absence of a Cello, Barbara Papp
1984-85 On Borrowed Time, Barbara Papp
1985-86 Impromptu; and Seascape, Barbara Papp
1986-87 Arsenic and Old Lace, Barbara Papp
1987-88 The Mound Builders, Barbara Papp
1988-89 Adaptation; and Who am I This Time? Barbara Papp
1989-90 A Thurber Carnival, Barbara Papp
1990-91 Talking With... , Barbara Papp
1991-92 Children; and The Frog Prince, Barbara Papp
1992-93 Waiting for Godot, Barbara Papp
1993-94 Inherit the Wind, Barbara Papp
1994-95 Hard Times, Barbara Papp
1995-96 Alice in Wonderland, Barbara Papp
1996-97 The Foreigner, Barbara Papp
1997-98 Arsenic and Old Lace, Barbara Papp
1998-99 Harvey, Barbara Papp
1999-00 The Mousetrap, Barbara Papp
2000-01 The Corn Is Green
2001-02 Blithe Spirit, Barbara Papp

Frosh/Soph Plays

2002-03 All Because of Agatha, Brad Balonick and Margaret Brodeur
2003-04 I Remember Mama, Barbara Papp
2004-05 Talking With and Adaptation, Barbara Papp
2005-06 The Dining Room, Barbara Papp
2006-07 Ain’t She Sweet, Kelly MacBlane
2007-08 Harvey, Barbara Papp and Kelly MacBlane
2008-09 Thurber Carnival, Barbara Papp
2009-10 The Man Who Came To Dinner, Barbara Papp
2010-11 Our Town, Barbara Papp
2011-12 Adaptation and The Frog Prince, Barbara Papp
2012-13 The Skin of Our Teeth, Barbara Papp
2013-14 Pride and Prejudice, John Wanninger
2014-15 The Curious Savage, John Wanninger
2015-16 Twelve Angry Jurors, John Wanninger
2016-17 Lady Windermere's Fan, John Wanninger
2017-18 The Brother's Grimm Spectaculation, John Wanninger
2018-19 Our Town, John Wanninger
2019-20 She Kills Monsters, John Wanninger
2020-21 Twisted Tales of Poe, John Wanninger
2021-22 A Midsummer Night's Dream, John Wanninger

Senior Plays

1994 Judevine, Ken Kopriva
1995 End of the World With Symposium to Follow, Ken Kopriva
1996 Children of a Lesser God, Ken Kopriva
1997 Steel Magnolias, Ken Kopriva
1998 Something Different, Joe Pulio
1999 The Glass Menagerie, Karen Kopriva
2000 Inspecting Carol, Karen Kopriva
2001 Death of a Salesman, Karen Kopriva
2002 Wild Dust, Karen Kopriva