College Planning & Application Process

Applying to College Step-by-Step

1. Complete and submit application . Applications are found on university websites. (Try and use the same password and pin number for all accounts and write it down). Below are several links to applications:

2. Add colleges to your common app account first. They will be automatically listed in Colleges I’m Applying to in Naviance.

3. If applying to non-common app schools; add college to the Colleges I’m Applying To section of your Naviance account.

4. Send standardized test scores directly from testing agencies. LFHS School CEEB Code: 142-520

5. Request Transcripts to be sent:

  • Sign into your Naviance Family Connection account
  • Click the Colleges tab
  • Click the transcripts link (in left column).
  • Please allow a minimum of 10 school days for LFHS to process transcripts. Be aware of college deadlines and plan ahead.
  • Determine if a Counselor Recommendation and/or Secondary School report is required, and discuss with your counselor (If so, be certain to complete your Junior autobiography on Naviance)

6. Teacher Recommendations

  • Determine if/or how many teacher recommendations are required for each school/university. These should be teachers of academic courses and not electives or coaches.
  • After verbally discussing with teacher: submit request through Naviance Family Connection. (Colleges I’m applying to: Add teacher recommendation request)
  • Students can request for specific teachers to send to specific schools through Naviance.
  • For Common Application colleges, students can request only the number of letters that the college accepts so please look carefully to see how many are allowed.
  • If inviting non-academic recommenders, do so through common application or provide them with stamped, addressed envelopes for each school.

College Planning Guide