Class of 2023 Information

Welcome to Lake Forest High School!! As you consider your course options for the upcoming school year, please take the time to view each video for a better understanding of the many courses we offer. We want you to have a well-balanced schedule. Consider courses that will challenge you academically and courses that will allow you to create, explore, and grow.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions when you attend The Scout Experience.

We look forward to supporting you through the start of an important and exciting journey!!

curriculum videos

Business Education

Alan Wahlert, Instructional Director
(847) 582-7334

Educational Services

Patrick Sassen, Director
(847) 582-7363

Fine & Applied Arts

Applied Tech | Art | Media | Music
Darren Barndt, Instructional Director
(847) 582-7302


Ryan Abrams, Instructional Director
(847) 582-7787

Special Education

Anna Bahramis, Assistant Director
(847) 582-7708

Jenny Sterpin, Director
(847) 582-7766

Driver Education

Career Connections

Jim Sullivan, Assistant Principal of
Enrichment & Engagement
(847) 582-7702


Kristen Carlson, Instructional Director
(847) 582-7411


Jeff Summy, Instructional Director
(847) 582-7779

Social Studies

Stephen Dunn, Instructional Director
(847) 582-7378


Joe Pulio, Department Lead
(847) 582-7307

Chala Holland, Principal
(847) 582-7315

World Language

Rachel Abel, Instructional Director
(847) 582-7338