Response to Intervention (RTI)

Lake Forest High School offers a challenging academic experience for every student. We expect our students to think critically and reflectively, to take calculated risks in their learning, and to lead emotionally stable lives. As a school we create the conditions in which all students maximize their opportunities for experiential learning and growth. However, not all students thrive under the same conditions or with the same instructional practices, so we must support the students when physical, intellectual, or social/emotional issues are impacting their learning. These supports are known as interventions. Interventions can range from a brief meeting between student and teacher to more intensive daily meetings with trained staff members to work on a targeted area of growth.

Lake Forest High School has adopted the Response to Intervention model (RtI). RtI is a method of intervention used to provide early, systematic assistance to students having difficulty learning. These interventions are organized into a three tier system, with each tier offering more support. As a student is assigned an intervention, documentation is required and data is collected to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. As the interventions progress through the different tiers, the CORE team helps to facilitate this process.

The CORE team is at the heart of our support for our struggling students. The Lake Forest High School CORE Team consists of a school psychologist, social worker, guidance counselor, dean, and a special education teacher. These professionals work in concert with the students, parents, and teachers to provide – and at times tailor and design – the most appropriate and effective supports for the students.