District 67 Health Services

  • District 67 provides a health office equipped for first aid treatment in each school building. Certified School Nurses and Registered Nurses provide health care in these offices.

    Cherokee Elementary School
    Judith Flaherty, MSN, RN, PEL-CSN
    847- 604-7478
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    Everett Elementary School
    Kathleen Shalala, RN
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    Sheridan Elementary School
    Charlene Fritz-Brennan, RN
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    Deer Path Middle School East - Grades 5/6
    Anjanae Stieber, RN
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    Deer Path Middle School West - Grades 7/8
    Heather Egenthal, RN
    847- 604-7431
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    Please remember to notify your school office if your contact information changes so your school nurse can keep you informed of any health concerns, and to insure your student's health record and emergency form are up to date.

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