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DPM Schedule Update

In our continuous effort to improve instruction for students, starting in the 2022-2023 school year we will have a one-hour Early Release each Monday to increase opportunities for professional learning and growth between our staff members. This practice has been in place at the elementary schools for many years, allowing teachers to engage in valuable training and development as individual teams and schools. With Lake Forest High School utilizing abbreviated Scout Days for similar reasons, this leaves Deer Path as the only school between 67 and 115 that does not provide a designated time for weekly collaboration. We look forward to being able to provide the same opportunities for our Deer Path staff members. 

After-school care options: An after-school care option will be open to all students who wish to stay on campus until their activity begins. Any students who wish to stay after school for clubs, sports, or additional time to complete homework, a silent study hall option will be offered in the Cube and Haskins after school. Supervision will be provided by our Preferred Building Substitutes. Students can sign up each week for this option during homeroom on Mondays. Sports and extracurriculars will occur as usual on Mondays at 3:45 pm.

Transportation: Bussing will still be offered at the end of the school day (on Mondays at 2:35 pm) following normal routes. If a student chooses to utilize the after-school care option, parents/guardians are responsible for arranging transportation.

Thank you for your support. Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.


Megan Eigenrauch, 5/6 Principal

Sam Paulsen, 7/8 Principal