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4th to 5th Transition

My name is Megan Eigenrauch, the principal on the 5/6 side of Deer Path Middle School! I'm so happy to welcome you to your new school, which I hope becomes your home away from home. In this communication, I will share details about the Deer Path transition activities designed to support you and your child in the move to middle school. We have intentionally built in programming and support to ensure student success. Please see the important dates below and additional transition information for details regarding each event.

If you have any questions, Mr. Jeremy Fischer (5/6 Assistant Principal) and myself are always available.


Megan Eigenrauch, 5/6 Principal

Jeremy Fischer, 5/6 Assistant Principal

Amanda Suarez, 5/6 Dean of Students


Important Dates to Remember!

Wednesday, April 19, 6:00 - 7:45 pm - Jump Start to 5th Grade (Parent/Guardian Event)

Monday, May 8 - Buddy Day (Student Event)

Friday, August 18, Times TBD - WEB DAY (Student Event) 

Friday, August 18  (7:30am - 1:30 pm) OR Tuesday, August 22 (3:00pm - 5:00 pm) - iPad Swap. View details here.

  • Incoming 5th graders are required to please bring back your District issued iPad to swap for a new iPad. You'll be excited to receive the new keyboard case with a new iPad. Make sure to upload anything from your camera roll to Google photos before you arrive.
  • New students will pick up your District-issued iPad.

Tuesday, August 22, Times TBD - Walkthrough (Family Event)

Wednesday, August 23 - First Day of School!

Event Details

World Language Preference

Current 4th grade families will receive an email with information regarding world language preferences for incoming 5th graders. The students will be introduced to all languages the week of January 17 at their elementary school and parents/guardians will have until January 30 to share their children’s language preferences with us.

Student Learning Style Survey

In April, we will share a student learning style survey with families in your elementary school’s newsletter. The link will allow parents/guardians to share preferences regarding your child’s learning needs or family preferences. Please be on the lookout for this form after Spring Break.

Jump Start to 5th Grade

On April 19 from 6:00 - 7:45 pm, parents/guardians will be invited to participate in an orientation that shares the logistics around 5th grade. We cover topics such as course loads/academics, safety, technology, and activities/athletics.

Buddy Day

On May 8, students will attend a pep-rally/welcome event in which they will tour the school and learn about Deer Path from administration, teachers and students. They will be paired with a Buddy Class to meet and interact with current DPM 5th graders.

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year Communication

In mid-July, information regarding the upcoming school year will be sent to families. This will include information about the student schedule release date, upcoming events, and the first day of school. This communication will be the next LARGE communication for all families with logistical information and events.

New Families Orientation

This often confuses our fifth grade families; “Do we go? Do we not go? Are we considered new?” This is for families new to District 67. It will cover 5th-8th grade information and will be very similar to Jump Start to 5th Grade with simply less 5th grade specific information.

WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Day

On August 18, 5th grade students will be invited into Deer Path for an exciting day of celebration. They will tour the school (again) and participate in a series of team building/get-to-know-you activities. They will be paired with incoming 5th grade students from all three elementary schools and led by a group of our 8th graders during the activities. Times will be shared in a summer invitation.

Student Walkthrough

On August 22, families (students and parents/guardians) will be invited into school to walk through their child’s schedule and meet their teachers. This is a time to quickly say “hi” to teachers and to help your child settle into DPM. The purpose of the event is for students to familiarize themselves with their schedule, class locations, and locker location. Times will be shared in the “Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year Communication.”

Megan Eigenrauch
Megan Eigenrauch