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Introducing our District 115 5-Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Cover

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Following a year and a half of collaborative work with our community, teachers, staff, students and administrators, we are proud to share our five-year District 115 strategic plan with our LFHS school community. As a collective vision, this plan articulates the strategic direction for our community’s aspirations for every LFHS student, sets our educational priorities, and focuses our work over the next five years.

The development of this plan strengthens our Lake Forest High School’s mission: the passion to learn, the insight to know oneself, and the courage to make a difference. This plan also connects our Portrait of a Learner with actionable and measurable goals and objectives. Our Portrait of a Learner envisions students who think critically, communicate effectively, adapt positively to changing priorities, and demonstrate confidence and resilience. The academic growth and success of all students are the primary goals of Lake Forest High School. Our District 115 Strategic Plan places emphasis on building systems and programs centered on readying students to succeed in college or in their post-high school career. This emphasis includes enriching student experiences through engaging and authentic programming.

An important and emerging aspect of this work is the exploration and understanding of personal, civic, and global responsibility. These aspirations are supported by the One Lake Forest High School Statement, which recognizes and affirms the importance of fostering an inclusive environment for all students, families, and educators. This inclusive environment honors shared and diverse perspectives and experiences, all of which support academic success and healthy and collaborative relationships.

At the March 7, 2023 District 115 Board meeting, the Board approved the adoption of this five-year strategic plan. We will use this plan as a strategic foundation for action planning this summer. I will bring a proposed District 115 Action Plan to the Board no later than September, 2023.

A special note of gratitude to all who served on our Portrait of a Learner, Strategic Plan Design, and Strategic Plan Writing teams. Your investment of time, intellect, and heart contributed immeasurably to this process.