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First Semester Final Exam Schedule 2023

For more information, see the Google Doc here. 

First Semester Exams

Final exams will be administered in person. Since no students will have more than two course exams on a given day, there is no need for requests for altered times. Students are expected to engage in person during the time outlined in the schedule. If there is any extenuating circumstance that prohibits a student from participating in exams as scheduled, please contact the Assistant Principal of Student Operations, Mr. Frank Lesniak (  or the Associate Principal of Educational Services, Dr. Patrick Sassen ( Additionally, make-up exams will be held in person.



AM Bus routes will run on the Blue/Gold day schedule. The PM bus route will leave after 1:10. If you have any questions about transportation, please email Ms. Betty Magana (


Extended Time Accommodations

If a student has extended time accommodations and needs additional time following the exam period, the teacher will notify the Special Education Department or 504 Coordinator to determine a follow-up time for the student to complete the exam. This should take place during the following time frame:


  • Monday - Wednesday: IEP/504 only time slots

  • All other make-up assessment times are on Thursday


When possible, teachers also have the option to monitor extended time with students. As we near the end of the first semester, students are encouraged to take advantage of the various supports offered at LFHS. 


Expectations for Winter Break

We expect our staff and school community to truly utilize Winter Break for the purpose of relaxation, rejuvenation, and time with family and friends. To support this, work is not expected to be assigned to students during this time. Additionally, PowerSchool will be inaccessible between Saturday, December 23 and Tuesday, January 9 for updated grades. Teachers will also be on a break, and may choose to respond to communications upon returning in January.


Students who are ill

Students who are unable to take their final(s) during the scheduled time due to illness should contact their teacher and the Instructional Director of the department to establish an agreed upon timeline for completing the exams(s).