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Introducing our District 67 5-Year Strategic Plan

D67 5-Year Strategic Plan

Please use this link to view and download the Strategic Plan

Following a year and a half of collaborative work with our community, teachers, staff, students, and administrators, we are proud to share our five-year District 67 strategic plan with our school community. 

The plan is anchored in the District 67 mission to inspire and empower all students to maximize their growth as learners and as individuals. Developed through a partnership of educators, students, families, and community members, this plan reflects our collective vision for every student, identifies educational priorities, and guides our work toward achieving our aspirations over the next five years. 

Our District 67 Strategic Plan is also informed by our Portrait of a Learner which, in addition to seeking academic excellence, envisions students who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, adaptable, confident, and resilient. We recognize the importance of personal, civic, and global responsibility.

The District 67 Strategic Plan is anchored by three goals:

  • The first, Cultivating Learners, speaks to our focus on providing a rigorous, engaging, and supportive education where all learners thrive. 

  • The second goal, Empowering Communities, seeks to foster a sense of belonging and mutual understanding within the school environment, as well as partnerships with the broader community. 

  • The third, Transformative and Equitable Resources, addresses the thoughtful stewardship of school facilities, finances, and other resources.

At the March 14, 2023 District 67 Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the adoption of this five-year strategic plan. We will use this plan as a roadmap for action planning this summer. I will bring a proposed District 67 Action Plan to the Board no later than September, 2023.

A special note of gratitude to all who served on our Portrait of a Learner, Strategic Plan Design, and Strategic Plan Writing teams. Your investment of time, intellect, and heart contributed immeasurably to this process.