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Summer Solved with Steve & Kate’s Camp!

Steve & Kate’s Camp, which has been a San Francisco Bay Area staple since 1980, is coming to Lake Forest and Glencoe this summer!


Choice for Kids:

All year long, kids find themselves encased in rigid structure. When summer comes, Steve & Kate’s gives them what they desperately need—freedom to expand and evolve. Campers choose which activities they do, whom they do it with and for how long. They’ll choose from a variety of activities in real-time including, sewing, stop-motion animation, coding, performing arts, makers crafts, baking, robotics, sports & recreation, and more.

The counselors not only advocate, but celebrate children discovering and expressing their true selves by creating an enriching environment and providing a space where children feel included and safe. For kids, this experience is pure joy. It’s also a kind of training ground for life, where they’ll need to be empowered and independent and resilient and responsible for their own decisions.


Flexibility for Grown-Ups

Steve & Kate’s Camp operates a flexible day-pass system where families can sign up for one day here, 22 there, or pay a flat fee, which covers the entire summer. Either way, families can use their passes any day this summer – without advanced notice! If your plans change, they’ll even refund your unused passes automatically at the end of the season.

Plus, everything is included: Lunch, snacks, activities, and all hours, 8am–6pm.

Learn more and reserve your spot, here!