Superintendent's Advisory Council


    What is the Purpose of the Council?

    The Superintendent’s Advisory Council was created in January 2024 to create regular, scheduled opportunities for meaningful conversation and candid feedback, and to provide a forum for insights and ideas as liaisons for our community. The goal of the Council is to further strengthen the bond between our schools and the engaged and collaborative residents of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood communities for the benefit of our students. The Superintendent will use this group as a sounding board to discuss news, updates, and ongoing initiatives within Districts 67 and 115. 


    Why Create a Council?

    Over the years in Districts 67 and 115, we have experienced the positive impact that community involvement can have on the educational experience. Whether it be through the community-wide creation of the Portrait of a Learner vision and five-year strategic plans, the countless events organized by our parent/guardian volunteers, or collaborative initiatives with local businesses and other organizations, the engagement of our families and community members continues to help us innovate and propel our young learners forward as they work to achieve their full potential. I hope that the Superintendent’s Advisory Council creates a new space for listening, ideation, critical thinking, and collaboration among community members in our two districts. 


    When Does the Council Meet?

    The Superintendent hosts Advisory Council meetings in person during the school each quarter at 7:00 pm.


    Who are the Council Members, and How Long Do They Serve?

    The Council members for the 2024-2026 term are listed below. Our sincere thanks to all who applied. An opportunity for new applicants will open in December 2026. 

    Superintendent's Advisory Council Members