Gardening 2 Grow (G2G)

  • Vision
    Cultivating vibrant and educational school gardens at District 67 schools in Lake Forest, thereby fostering a hands-on learning experience that instills a love for gardening, healthy eating, a sense of wellness and well-being and environmental stewardship among our students.

    To create engaging outdoor spaces where students can actively participate in planting, tending, and harvesting, which promote a deeper understanding of nature and sustainable food practices, thus enhancing the wellness and well-being of students.

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    We would love to have any interested parents join G2G and any interested parents or student join any of the garden clubs at the District 67 schools!

    If you are a parent and have any interest in joining G2G, please reach out to our President, Lisa Walsh at

    If you or your student are interested in joining one of the District 67 Garden Clubs, please find listed below contacts for each of the District 67 garden clubs that could assist you in joining:

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