General Information

  • NCAA Transcript Requests for Seniors

    If you will be playing a Division I or II sport in college or planning to walk on, please turn in your NCAA transcript request forms, along with the $6.00 processing fee, to Mrs. Hall in room #160 before September 15th. Once completed, the NCAA Clearinghouse will receive your initial transcript now and your final transcript in June.

    Seniors Applying to College

    All transcript requests for college are made through Naviance and seniors are allowed eight college transcript requests at no charge. A fee of $12.00 will be assessed for each additional request. All 7th semester grades will automatically be sent to each college that you initially requested a transcript for. Students must request a transcript at least ten school days prior to the college application deadline and ideally will have already submitted their college application. To complete a college transcript request follow the steps listed below:

    • Log into Naviance
    • When in Naviance select the “colleges” tab on the top of the page.
    • Select “transcripts” from the left column.
    • Select “request transcripts for my college applications.”
    • If you are requesting a transcript for a school you have previously put into the “colleges I am applying to” section in Naviance it will appear under “current applications” at the top of the “request transcripts for college applications” page. Check “add request” next to the school you wish to request a transcript for and scroll down to the bottom of that page. Select “Request Transcripts” and you are done.
    • If you are requesting a transcript for a school you have not put into the “colleges I am applying to section under “New Applications” enter the type as regular decision, early action or early decision. Then select “lookup” to the right and a small window will open. Find the school you would like to request a transcript for and by clicking on the name once it will then appear in the box on the original page. If you cannot find the school type the school name in the search box on the left and hit go. Then select it from the result list on the right.
    • Once all requests are entered, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Request Transcripts” and you are done.

    Transcripts for Current Students

    Those requesting either official or unofficial transcripts must complete a Transcript Request Form. There is a $3.00 fee for each transcript processed, with the exception of the NCAA Eligibility Center which costs $6.00. These requests take approximately one or two days to process. Paper transcript request forms and envelopes are also provided in the Transcript Office.

    Transcripts For Prior Students

    The Transcript Request Form must be completed for each request and can be submitted via regular mail, fax or email. Paper transcript request forms and envelopes are also available in the Transcript Office. There is no fee for LFHS graduates.

Transcript Requests

  • Lake Forest High School maintains educational records relating to all students. The permanent record will be kept by the school district for 60 years after graduation or permanent withdrawal. The student temporary record will be destroyed 5 years after graduation or permanent withdrawal. Upon graduation (or withdrawal from the district), parents or students over 18, may request their temporary records be released to them. Release forms are available in the Registrar's Office. If you would like a copy of such records prior to their destruction, contact Tiffany Smith,