• Getting to Know the Lake Forest High School Athletic Program

  • Athletic Code of Conduct

  • Extracurricular Code of Conduct

  • Athletic Academic Eligibility Scholastic Standing--IHSA

  • Fundamentals of Good Sportsmanship - Goals & Expectations

  • LFHS Athletic Department Policies & Procedures (A-E)

  • LFHS Athletic Department Policies & Procedures (I-W)

  • End of Season Interscholastic Sports Awards and Honors

  • IHSA Bylaws 2021-2022

  • IHSA Performance-Enhancing Substance Policy and Usage of Medications and Supplements by Student -Athletes

  • IHSA Concussion Management

  • Concussion Information Sheet

  • NCAA - National College Athletic Association

  • NAIA - National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

  • FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions


Athletics Overview

  • Mission Statement

    To inspire the passion to learn, the insight to know oneself, and the courage to make a difference. (Adopted 2011)


    Within Lake Forest Community High School District #115, we believe that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of the student. Among these activities, athletics is considered to be an integral part of the total education process. The athletic programs should provide experiences which promote the development of positive attitudes and habits in our student-athletes. We consider participation in interscholastic athletics to be a privilege, and while we strive to win as often as we can, we are mindful that how we win or lose tells more about us than the final score.

    The athletic program must always conform to policies established by Lake Forest High School and the Constitution and By-laws of the Illinois High School Association.


    1. To encourage the value and enjoyment of participating and striving for excellence;
    2. To provide athletes with an opportunity for physical and psychological development in a wholesome and competitive program;
    3. To develop and improve citizenship, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork; and
    4. To realize that these young women and young men are both students and athletes, and that the athletic program must always be kept in balance with academic goals.


    1. To develop programs that will encourage broad participation, enhance school spirit and generate a feeling of unity among the student body, faculty and community.
    2. To strive for program excellence that will produce competitive teams.
    3. To provide opportunities for student-athletes to develop their confidence, self-image and leadership skills.
    4. To instill a desire to succeed and excel.
    5. To help students realize the rewards of hard work, practice and sacrifice.
    6. To develop self-discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make choices under competitive pressure.
    7. To promote the value and importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship loyalty and a sense of fair play.
    8. To develop special physical skills in the athletic activity of each student's choice, acknowledging that those skills offer extended opportunity for college, professional and associated careers.
    9. To develop an appreciation of the need for and enjoyment of physical activity that will carry over to recreational involvements as a lifetime pursuit.