A Message from Principal Lenart

  • Our Mission: To inspire the passion to learn, the insight to know oneself, and the courage to make a difference.

    Welcome to Lake Forest High School!

    I am honored to serve this community as the Principal of Lake Forest High School—proud home of the Scouts. Lake Forest High School is a very special place where wellness and the holistic needs of every student are centered and valued. Students at Lake Forest High School are guided by very talented professionals who take great pride in ensuring academic excellence for all learners, as we take pride in developing compassionate, confident, and accomplished students.

    Lake Forest High School embraces new and innovative ways of learning and continues to create state of the art instructional spaces for students to make learning meaningful and informative through an engaging and exploratory curriculum. Our students participate in a very rigorous academic program and are encouraged to take risks, try new experiences within the school, and grow, knowing that there will be supports in place to ensure their success. The commitment of our faculty and staff is evident in the love and passion for learning that is demonstrated in outstanding instruction, support, and services provided to students daily.

    Our students demonstrate excellence inside and outside of the classroom, participating in a variety of arts, clubs, activities, athletics, and community service. We encourage all students to immerse themselves in the many opportunities accessible to them at Lake Forest High School, believing that a well-rounded experience within the school not only teaches students teamwork, collaboration, social responsibility, and other skills necessary for life-long success, but fosters student growth, socially and emotionally, as they engage and form meaningful relationships with their peers and adults.

    Lake Forest High School has a rich tradition of excellence and we look forward to building on the success of the school, furthering works in progress, and cultivating the gifts of the school community to continuously enhance the experiences we provide to our students. With very committed parents, faculty, staff, and an invested larger school community, our students develop the knowledge, skill, will, and capacity to mature into responsible young adults, ready to positively contribute and make a difference in the world.