• Welcome to the Lake Forest Community High School Family!


    Lake Forest High School offers a strong, yet diverse, college preparatory program. College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses are provided in all areas, in addition to quality enhanced courses in fine and applied arts, technology, and communication arts. Independent study and seminars are available to talented students who wish to pursue inter-disciplinary studies. Latin and fifth year foreign language study is offered. Extensive offerings in music and the performing arts enrich the educational studies.

    We encourage you to take advantage of the abundant and unique opportunities for success that we offer.

Accelerated Placement Program

  • District 115 fully complies with the Illinois Accelerated Placement Act (Public Act 100-0421).  The District engages in accelerating student placement (where appropriate), advancing the District’s goal of providing educational programs with opportunities for each student to develop their maximum potential. Accelerated placement may include, but is not limited to, the following: (a) accelerating a student in a single subject and (b) other grade-level acceleration. Participation in accelerated placement is open to all students who demonstrate high ability and who may benefit from accelerated placement. It is not limited to students who have been enrolled in prior Honors, AP, or accelerated coursework. Eligibility for accelerated placement shall not be conditioned upon the protected classifications identified in School Board policy 7:10, Equal Educational Opportunities, or any factor other than the student’s identification as an accelerated learner. 

    If you are interested in further information regarding the acceleration options, please reach out to your student's counselor.