SAT Day of Testing Instructions

  • NOTE: Wednesday, April 12 is a day of non-attendance for seniors, except those who did not sit for the SAT last school year. Identified seniors who did not take the SAT in April 2022 will be notified individually regarding their testing location.

    Our Suite of Assessments will occur on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. Here are a few details:

    It is important for all families within our Lake Forest school community to realize that the SAT is one of the primary indicators used to determine our rating on the Illinois School Report Card each school year. Therefore, when our students do their best on the SAT, it not only helps them as they apply to universities, but also reflects positively on our district as well.

    The assessment itself:

    1. You should arrive between 7:30 am-7:45 am. Students with standard test time should expect to be done just prior to noon. Students with accommodations that allow for extra time may go later into the afternoon. *Please note: If you aim not to use your accommodations, you must complete our ‘opt out’ form that is sent specifically to students with accommodations.

    2. Room assignments will be posted in the Commons and study hall rooms starting on Monday, 4/10/23. Staff will be available the morning of the assessment, in the Commons, to help students find their testing location.

    3. Bring your ID with you. You will be expected to present it at your test location.

    4. As always, bring several #2 pencils (not mechanical), as well as a calculator. SAT Calculator Policy

    During the assessment:

    1. Students are allowed to bring in water and/or a small snack (granola bars will be provided to you). The cafeteria and The Grind will be open before testing for a hot breakfast and small snacks.

    2. Students must remain in their testing location throughout the duration of the test. They may not wander the building.

    3. Students within each testing location must stay in that space until the completion of the entire test.

    4. Mobile phones and wearable devices (ie. Smart Watches) must be turned off and stowed away throughout the duration of the assessment.

    After the assessment:

    1. There are no classes on this day. Students will be dismissed upon the conclusion of the assessment.

    2. One regular morning bus route will run with an approximate arrival of 7:40am.

    3. Two bus routes will run upon the completion of testing: one around 12:15pm and another around 1:30pm.

    4. As with any standardized test, each testing location or room will not finish at the same time. Please be as quiet as possible, knowing that your classmates may still be testing.

    5. Both the cafeteria and The Grind will be open after testing for some small grab and go options. They will be open from 11:30am - 1:00/1:30pm.

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