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Calling All Professionals Who Want to Enlist and Enrich!


    At Lake Forest High School, we are committed to supporting all graduates after they leave our halls. As our alumni discover their professional passions, we want to connect them with potential employers and mentors who can offer both opportunity and insight.

    We are asking businesses and nonprofits, local, out of state, and abroad, to consider submitting available employment (permanent and temporary) and internship positions to be posted on our LFHS ALUMNI EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES WEB PAGE, housed here on the *Lake Forest High School website. 


    We also recognize great value in pairing more established professionals with young alumni, as well as alumni who are considering new professional paths. If you are willing to serve as an LFHS ALUMNI MENTOR to alums who are interested in learning more about your field, please insert your contact information below. 


    We appreciate the ways in which many of you have partnered with LFHS in the past, and we are excited to provide these forums for the mutual benefit of our alumni, businesses, and nonprofits.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at lfhsalumni@lfschools.net.

    *Please note that the Employment and Mentor Webpages, while intended for LFHS ALUMNI use, can be accessed by the wider public. Lake Forest High School and LFHS ALUMNI are not responsible for monitoring connections outside of these forums, and will not be held liable for any unforeseen outcomes, professional or otherwise.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of LFHS ALUMNI is to connect all LFHS graduates to one another, to current LFHS students, and back to our beloved building.


    LFHS ALUMNI is committed to providing experiences for connection through social and service events, as well as through career and mentoring opportunities.


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  • Class of 1980 alum, Diana Melichar, is honored by LF/LB Chamber of Commerce

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