An Overview of Educational Services

  • Core Support Teams

    Lake Forest High School educational professionals who support the academic, social emotional, and physical well-being of students.The Core Teams are divided alphabetically and include Counselors, Deans, Social Workers, Psychologists, and Support Personnel. 


    Deans work on a daily basis to build relationships and advocate for students while promoting and encouraging appropriate school/student contact.

    Social Workers

    Every LFHS student has an assigned social worker who is available for counseling, either on an as-needed basis or in regular scheduled sessions. Social Workers help students better manage stresses that affect performance and functioning in school. Social Workers also host SSRT’s (Student Support Round Tables) where students meet weekly to support each other around shared life stresses. All social work is private and confidential, unless a student is deemed to be physically at-risk. 


    School Psychologists perform a myriad of duties including direct work with students, teacher consultation, problem solving, assessment, research, and school-wide and program-specific improvements. These functions are designed to support both general education and special education. 

    Health Services

    Advocate of student health while providing comprehensive and collaborative wellness for all students within Lake Forest High School.

    Student Assistance Program

    District program to promote practices in substance use prevention and intervention programming for students.

    School Resource Officer

    The school resource officer acts as the liaison between the schools and police department, as well as promoting safer schools and students. The school resource officer is in the roll of law enforcement, yet serves as an advisor to students and families.

    Groups - Student Support Roundtables (SSRT) 

    Students are selected for participation in SSRT’s based on self-referrals or recommendations from teachers, peers, counselors, and other school professionals.  SSRT’s are ongoing throughout the year and meet one period per week during the school day.  Each SSRT is always on the same day but rotates periods so that students do not miss the same class more than twice a semester.  Students are never required to attend and are expected to skip meetings that would conflict with tests or other important class days.  

    Since SSRT’s meet during class time, and may at times discuss sensitive issues, participation in SSRT’s requires parental/guardian consent. While the content of SSRT meetings are confidential to facilitate open discussion, our student support staff will be happy to talk to you about the format and benefits of SSRT’s.

  • Core Support Teams

  • Deans

  • Social Workers

  • Psychologist

  • Health Services

  • Student Assistance Program

  • School Resource Officer

  • Navigating Educational Transitions

    NET Program

    For students whose education is interrupted by an extended absence, returning to school is a daunting task. Lake Forest High School is committed to the wellness of all of our students and intends to use best practice protocol for students transitioning back to school after an extended absence. The NET Program offers support during the extended absence and upon return to school. Contact anyone from the CORE team if an extended absence occurs.

    NET Program Coordinators

    Julie Crouch: (847) 582-7326

    Marney Schager: (847) 582-7359