• College Board AP Exams will be held May 6 - May 17, 2024

    Here is the schedule for the upcoming weeks: 

    2024 College Board AP Exam Schedule

    Students taking a morning exam should be in their testing classroom by 7:45 am.

    For those taking the afternoon exam, students should plan to be at their testing room by 12:00 noon.  Room assignments will be emailed to teachers and posted in the Front Commons the day before each exam.

    Please visit the following link to prepare for exam day:


    If a student needs to cancel an exam, they must contact Mrs. La Vitola in writing. 

    Students should visit their AP Classroom for a full list of supplies needed for each exam.

    Important reminder for students taking the following digital exams - AP Seminar, AP English Literature and Composition, AP English Language and Composition and AP Computer Science Principles.

    • Bring your school issued fully charged macbook and charger.
    • It is absolutely necessary to know your College Board login and password to take these exams.  This is a personal log in which is not accessible to Lake Forest High School.

    For questions, concerns or help with your log in, contact Mrs. La Vitola, Assessment & Resource Coordinator at Lake Forest High School, office 205, dlavitola@lfschools.net, 847-582-7332.

    Cancelation of Exam & Refunds

    An exam that has been paid for and canceled after 11/5/23 will incur a $40 restocking fee as charged by The College Board. 

    Refunds will not be available after 4/30/24.

    Fee Reduction:

    The College Board offers a fee reduction for eligible students with financial need. 

    Exam Scheduling Conflicts: 

    Occasionally, a student wants to take two AP Exams scheduled for the same time period.  In such cases, the College Board will allow one of the exams to be taken during the late testing period (May 22-May 24) for no additional cost. 

    For assistance with all AP Exam related issues and questions, contact Mrs. La Vitola, dlavitola@lfschools.net, 847-582-7332 or stop by Office 205.


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