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Scout Way Awards

Scout Way Awards 3/20/24

We are thrilled to share the most recent recipients of our Scout Way Awards! These exceptional Scouts embody our values and showcase outstanding dedication, leadership, and service. Join us in congratulating them for their remarkable achievements!

Leo Abarca - Special Education - Nominated by Erin Gilbert

Leo has shown so much resilience and growth over the past year. He has put a lot of effort into improving his attendance and being a responsible and respectful student. He encompasses the term “Grit”, and always tries his best in his academics. His peers and teachers adore him as he is a kind young man. He can be seen with a smile on his face while socializing with diverse peers and working 1:1 with teachers. An amazing shift has been made from my time knowing him, but most importantly, he is happy. He clearly wants to succeed and is putting in incredible effort. I am impressed by him every day. 


Frankie Catalano - Business Ed - Nominated by Phil LaScala

Frankie has been a great leader in his Incubator group. He has demonstrated to his group great communication skills. He has gone above and beyond the tasks and has spent a lot of time getting his business going. Frankie has done an amazing job leading a very diverse group of students and helped to keep the group focused and on task.



Eva Elsen - Educational Services - Nominated by David Hain

Eva is a wonderful peer tutor embedded in Enriched Studies. She has a knack for making friends with students, even when they maybe don't want to make friends, and help them achieve their best work. Not everyone is eager to accept help and Eva is amazing at knowing exactly what each student needs. Eva’s work in Enriched Studies has helped many students succeed and does not go unnoticed. She humbly addresses each peer tutoring opportunity with tact and maturity making her presence vital for success.


Nick Hawkins - Music - Nominated by Janene Kessler

Nick has pushed himself his senior year to participate in a wide variety of LFHS music ensembles beyond the curricular band classes he has participated in for the past four years. From Madrigal Singers, to the Talent Show, to Jazz Band, he is exploring, contributing, and growing in new ways across our music program and emerging as a musical leader.

Hudson Hayes - Art - Nominated by Ellie Herget

Hudson Hayes is a great help to the entire art department. He goes above and beyond helping students and teachers when needed. He is a very creative student who really values the arts. With his remarkable talent as an animator, he not only excels in his craft but inspires others to explore their own artistic potential.

Arjan Jawanda - Student Services - Nominated by Megan Miles 

Arjan Jawanda has been a tremendous help throughout last year and this year to the student services department with his commitment to helping new students that come into the school. He is willing to give tours to families, and help absolutely anyone find their classes and people to sit with during lunch. He has a compassionate heart and is so incredibly inclusive. Recently, Arjan purchased Cleats for another younger football player and helped the player learn how to care for and use the cleats. His heart for others is tremendous, and his kindness is notable each and every day.


Samuel Ma - Special Education - Nominated by Scott Gilbert

Sam is one of the best people I know. He comes to school with a great attitude daily and cares about all of his classmates. I have Sam for Vocational Education, and he does an outstanding job at our work sites, Sheraton Oaks Nursing Home, Bernie's, and Sunset Foods. Sam also is a great salesman on our LFHS Snack Pack Cart that we sell to our faculty. He is so personable and willing to do whatever is asked of him. We are so proud of Sam.



Meghan Pierce - Math - Nominated by Blaine Lakin

Meghan is an outstanding, upstanding, and rare student that embodies a passion for excellence in mathematics. Math does not always come easily for Meghan, but she always keeps her head forward with a passion to learn more. In a class that generally outperforms the other AB Calculus classes, Meghan stays with or ahead of the pack. Her participation on the Math Team has been noteworthy as well. She consistently does her best, participates at almost all contest events (if not all) for all four years, and promotes enthusiasm for the club as well. Meghan is a stellar student and an easy exemplar for a Scout in a mathematics classroom.



Kashyap Prasad - World Languages - Nominated by Laura Sperling

Kashyap, or Kylian as he is known in French class, is such a pleasure to have in class. Every day he walks in with a “Bonjour, Madame,” a smile, and a positive attitude. Compared to his classmates, Kylian has not had as much experience with the French language, but you would never know it. He is the top participant in his class and shares his ideas freely. We read Le Petit Prince on block days, and often we read aloud and discuss. Kylian frequently volunteers to read aloud and always works well with his classmates when we are doing small group reading. He is always pushing himself to learn new ideas and improve his French. His respect and kindness toward others does not go unnoticed by his classmates or by me. He is an outstanding student and young man. It is my pleasure to nominate Kashyap for the Scout Way Award. 



Taylor Ross - Wellness - Nominated by Ray Werner

Taylor Ross is a student who has a strong interest in helping others maximize their experiences in Outdoor Education and in Outdoor Adventures. Taylor is eager to meet people, try new things and works to ensure everyone has a support person in each class we have shared together. Taylor has been a person that students will ask for personal one on one assistance from when they need help. She is a TA for period 8 ODE and has dropped into our period 6 ODE class a few times to check things out and to help others. When she did not attend the next day, there were several students asking where she was and when she would be returning. Taylor has a huge positive impact on others. I personally appreciate the support she has provided me. After working with her for over a year and a half, she has always been a smiling bright spot in each of our classes. She has noticed days that I have been down and is the first to check in with me, asking if I am ok and if there is anything she can do to help me. Taylor’s huge caring heart for others is a trait that separates her from her peers. We all need more folks like Taylor in our lives who brighten our days. Thank you for being awesome!


Yaree Sandifer - Nominated by Maggie Harmsen

Nominating Yaree for student of the quarter was a no-brainer and here is why. I reached out to the rest of his teachers, and they said things like; Yaree has been very focused and working hard in class. He is always respectful and comes ready to work. Words that come to mind include: composed, mature, kind, humble, honest, and patient. I don't describe many sophomore boys with these qualities. I have rarely encountered a sophomore not only with so much athletic prowess, but with a humility that accompanies it. Yaree is mature beyond his years, humble, and a top-notch citizen. First and foremost, his attendance is exemplary. He is also always one of the first students to slot his cell phone at the beginning of class, and other students follow his lead when they see this. It may seem like a small thing, but as a teacher, it is very much appreciated. Yaree always moves forward. Soon after the disappointment of not qualifying for state, he found new avenues for competing and explored volleyball, after never playing before. Great presence, genuine, respectful, kind-hearted. From the moment Yaree walked into LFHS he had a choice on what path he was going to take, what kind of Scout he was going to be, and he owns it. Not all days are amazing, not all days are easy, and some days you just want to throw in the towel, but he never does. This young man, every day works the hardest he can be his best self. I have no doubt in my mind that he will keep exceeding expectations and earn his own spot on our Wall of Excellence for the amazing student athlete leader that he is! KEEP GRINDING YAREE! KEEP SMILING YAREE (look at the smile, it can light up a room) SO SO PROUD OF YOU!