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  • Vocational Corner with Mrs. Beckman 

    I am District 115's Vocational Coordinator supporting young transitioning adults (ages 18-21) to reach individual post-secondary goals through education, employment, and independent living. 

    Our focus is inclusion for all young adults to become fully independent in their current and future employability skills.

    As the Vocational Coordinator and as an educator, I truly believe a collaborative partnership between young adults, families and community partnerships promotes transition success within the following areas:

    • Communication, Self-Advocacy, & Self Determination (Understanding and speaking for oneself in the workplace)
    • Job Exploration and Researching (making connections to a career/job pathway)
    • Post secondary education/training experience (Understanding the education/training process)
    • Workplace readiness skills (Time management, Transportation, Applications, Interviews, and hiring processes)
    • Work based learning experiences (non paid/paid employment or on-the job training experiences)
    • Problem Solving (Completing work tasks, working with others on the job, addressing conflict, etc)
    • Independence in the Adult Working World (Ultimate Goal)

    In addition to skill development through the classroom, our young adults will also have the opportunity to apply skills through in-school and community work experience, and build interagency collaboration with appropriate adult services and supports.

    When transition planning with each family, I facilitate collaborative conversations, suggest strategies, and highlight appropriate adult service agencies regarding a person's education/training, employment, behavioral health, and life needs. 

    If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 

    Assistive Technology

    Updates from Ms. Medland

    The Assistive Technology Specialist and Team works to meet the needs of students at Lake Forest High School District 115 to determine appropriate assistive technology to meet student needs through completing consultations and evaluations as needed, provide training for students, families, and educational teams for assistive technology implementation, and provide continuity of programming and use of technology as students move throughout high school and/or the Transition Program. 

    Speech Services Scoop

    From Ms. Medland and Mrs. Manzella

    School Based Service Delivery

    Speech-Language Pathologists assess, diagnose, and treat communication disorders while also collaborating with team members, staff, and key stakeholders. 

    Counseling Services News Flash

    From Ms. Poladian

    I help the team to create social, emotional, and behavioral supports that proactively help all students to be successful. I also problem-solve individual student concerns that arise. I support students in achieving their social/emotional learning goals, through direct instruction as well as collaboration with staff and families to help students apply their skills in real-life social, vocational, and community-based situations. I conduct necessary evaluations for educational decision-making and linkages to adult service agencies.

    Legal Requirements

    Transition Center Students